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Relaxing Spa Music

Kathy Adams
Listening to headphones in spa

A key element of a relaxing spa experience is the music. Calm, soothing waves of sound can wash your cares away, whether in an actual spa getting a massage, sitting in a waiting room or even enjoying the music at home. These excellent compilations will help to create the ultimate aural spa experience.

1. Healing Touch, Nadama

This 10-track album features a soothing mix of piano and nature sounds, all gently blended for a relaxing, healing experience. Each track is soothing; the chord changes and tempo are slow enough to invoke a complete sense of relaxation. Healing Touch is available at Amazon as a download or a CD. The download costs less than $9 and the CD is just under $12.

2. inSPAration, Various Artists

The inSPAration collection incorporates a pleasant mix of musical styles such as sustained ambient piano songs and music with a hint of Eastern inspiration. Each of the 13 tracks is gentle and relaxing. Artists include Gavi, Kevin Kern, Gandalf and Bernward Koch, among others. The inSPAration CD is available for under $17 from

3. Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience, Liquid Mind

This eight-track album by Liquid Mind offers 65 minutes of slow-motion electronic music designed for relaxation. Liquid Mind is the creation of Chuck Wild, former keyboardist of the '80s group Missing Persons. This new age album (and several others under the Liquid Mind moniker) was inspired by his desire to use music as a means to experience a sense of calm in a hectic world. Relax is available as a download or CD through for less than $15.

4. Music for Healing, Steven Halpern

This spacey, ethereal album by sound healer Steven Halpern is designed to synchronize hemispheres of the brain for enhanced alpha-wave production, which creates deep relaxation and a sense of well-being. Music for Healing is available from Amazon on CD for about $15 which includes a free download of the audio files.

5. Like the Wind in the Trees, Deuter

Each of the nine tracks on this album flows seamlessly into the next, making it excellent for a meditative experience. Piano and Eastern flute tones blend with crickets and other nature sounds for a grounding, down-to-earth listening experience. Like the Wind in the Trees is available for download from iTunes for less than $10.

6. Harmony, Sayama

As a whole, the seven tracks on this album by Sayama call to mind a sunny morning somewhere in Asia. Harp-style sounds, Asian stringed instruments and piano harmonize for a calming experience made even more relaxing by background nature sounds. Harmony, designed to flow with a Shaolin master's qi gong movements, is available through as a download for under $10 or on CD for about $13.

7. Journey to the Temple, Llewellyn

Each track on this collection focuses on one of the seven main chakras. Water and bird sounds dominate every track with peaceful, relaxing soundscapes playing in the background for a soothing massage or relaxation session. Journey to the Temple is available as a download (about $12) or on CD (just over $20) through

8. Sacred Touch Music for Massage, Terry Oldfield

This 11-track album is a sonic journey through nature featuring waves, running water and birds of the rainforest, enhanced by the soothing sounds of wooden flutes and ambient atmospheric music. Oldfield created this slow-paced album to serve as background music for the healing arts. Sacred Touch Music for Massage is available for download for about $10 from

9. The Most Relaxing Classical Music in the Universe, Various Artists

This two-CD set features renditions of many well-known classical songs such as Pachelbel's Cannon, Debussy's Clair de Lune and Sibelius' Valse Triste. Since the songs vary quite a bit from one to the next, the album would do well as background music in a spa waiting room, public area, or even to invoke a calming spa-type experience at home. The Most Relaxing collection is available in MP3 format at for about $10.

10. Water Circles, Mia Jang

This album is ideal for those who enjoy piano music. Each track by Mia Jang offers a pleasant, relaxing experience played out on piano without noticeable added instrumentation. Water Circles is available as a download through iTunes for around $10.

Qualities of Relaxing Music

A few qualities are important to music that induces relaxation, no matter what the instrumentation or style of the song.

  • This type of music typically has slow chord changes, or has some tones that last a long time. Much like slowing the breath helps bring about relaxation, a slow music tempo can help do the same as you focus upon the sounds and let go of stress and mind chatter.
  • Many relaxing songs do not have a noticeable drum beat or percussive rhythm, which gives the mind one less thing to focus upon, speeding up the relaxation process.
  • Music in major keys with pleasing chord resolutions also helps induce relaxation, as opposed to dissonant chords and minor keys found in music used to create tension in scary movies, for instance.
  • Happy, slow music enhances the chances of reaching a relaxed, blissful state of mind.

Create a Peaceful Atmosphere

Relaxing music collections like these can help quiet or calm the mind, making them suitable for use in a spa or even at home for a soothing experience. Enjoy a full album, a few tracks or even one song to help bring about a peaceful state as needed.

Relaxing Spa Music