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At first glance the keyboard of a piano can appear to be quite a daunting collection of black and white pieces of ivory. This cornucopia of 88 keys is, in fact, the same set of 12 notes repeated over and over in escalating octaves. Once this fact is understood, learning to play the piano doesn't seem like the same impossible challenge. On your path to understanding, visual aids will be an indispensable learning tool.

Learning With Printouts

To download these keyboard layouts, simply click on the image to open the .PDF file in a new window or tab. Then you can save the file to your computer or print out a hard copy.

Keyboard With Notes

The following printable piano keyboard layouts can assist students in learning the placement of the seven notes (A through G) and their corresponding flats and sharps. The first of these printouts features three full octaves of notes on a piano keyboard with each key labeled with the note it produces:

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Click to download this labeled keyboard.

This labeled layout is a great tool for memorizing which key on a piano plays what note. This is truly an essential first step towards becoming a proficient piano player. The ability to read sheet music and to recognize musical notes and symbols, while also essential, is pointless without knowing where to place your fingers and which keys to strike.

Keyboard Without Notes

The second keyboard layout is identical from the first except that the piano keys are left blank:

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Click here to download the unlabeled piano keyboard.

This blank layout is perfect for testing your memorization skills. Once you can consistently identify the corresponding notes of the keys on this chart, you will feel much more confident that your fingers will know where to go when you're actually playing.

A Familiar Learning Tool

Use these two printable keyboard layouts just as you would use flashcards when studying for an exam. Review the labeled layout and test your learning by filling in the notes on the blank layout.

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Printable Piano Keyboard Layout