Musical Instrument Clip Art


Clip art featuring various types of musical instruments can be used for recital programs, websites, social media posts, scrapbooks and many other purposes. If you're a musician or just a music-lover, download some of these great free clip art images and use them however you see fit. These images provided here are free for non-commercial use.

Free Musical Instrument Images

To download any of the clip art images presented here, simply place your cursor over the picture of your choice, then right-click and save it to your computer. From there, you can insert them into documents, upload them to websites or use them for any other creative purposes.


More Free Musical Instrument Images

If you don't see the instrument you need here, or if you are searching for a wider variety of images, there are additional options available to you. There are so many free images of musical instruments readily available online that you aren't likely to need to seek paid sources to meet your graphics needs. Some great places to source free clip art of instruments include:

  • Music Graphics Galore: If you like the idea of finding more no-cost images, you'll be thrilled to discover this site. It is packed with images of just about every type of instrument you could imagine, and they're all free. Simply click the category that interests you, make a selection from the list of options and right click to save each picture that you want to use. Registration is not required to use the site.
  • Webweavers: This site has an outstanding selection of no-cost wind instrument clip art, as well as some animated image files. The images provided here can also be saved simply by right clicking and saving them to your hard drive. As with Music Graphics Galore, registration is not necessary.

Artwork for Music Lovers

With so many clip art options with the right price tag (free!), you can be creative in showing off your love of music. You can add instrument images to any project you have in the works with these great resources for graphics.

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Musical Instrument Clip Art