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In 2015, the Monster Mash Music Festival attracted thousands of music fans thanks to its emphasis on dark, ghoulish hard rock and metal bands and Halloween-like atmosphere. Concert goers and band members alike came dressed in frightening costumes to give vivid meaning to the festival's monster theme. The festival, however, has not been repeated since 2015, and the event had a mix of good and bad characteristics.

The Buzz Surrounding the Festival in 2015

According to the article 13 Sweet and Spooky Halloween Concerts Worth Dressing Up For, the Monster Mash festival attracted plenty of buzz in 2015 in anticipation of its three-day event. What was attracting the most attention was its headliner, Tool, a band that had been become a rare commodity, not releasing new music for years.

As detailed in this 2015 article by K-Pop Starz Music, Tool had not released a new album for over a decade. In early 2015, it dropped a hint on its website that eager fans interpreted to mean a new album was on its way. In truth, it was referring to Tool's upcoming appearance at the Monster Mash festival in Arizona on Halloween. This sent the excitement surrounding the festival through the roof.

But Tool wasn't the only big attraction. The festival managed to secure some iconic names for its three-day bill including:

  • Santana
  • John Fogerty
  • Linkin Park
  • Primus
  • Rob Zombie
  • Deftones
  • Ghost
  • Halestorm
  • The Tedeschi Trucks Band

However, despite the build-up to the festival, things did not go as planned. The first day of the festival, Friday, October 30, 2015, was canceled. That evening was supposed to feature Santana, John Fogerty, and the Tedeschi Trucks Band. The only explanation of the festival's website was "due to unforeseen circumstances," the Friday shows were all canceled. The organizer's attempt to make amends was generous, however. Fans had the choice of:

  • A credit voucher to future shows at the Marquee Theatre that was worth twice the amount they paid for the festival
  • Or a full refund

Where the Festival Was Held

The festival was held in Tempe, Arizona at the Marquee Theatre, a popular venue that hosted many events and continues to hold concerts year-round. The festival's organizer, Lucky Man Concerts, is a very active booking agent in the Arizona area and organizes dozens of concerts year-round. Although Lucky Man Concerts has not repeated the Monster Mash Festival since 2015, it continues to do themed rock festivals, such as the St. Patrick's Day-themed Pot of Gold festival set for 2018.

How Much the Monster Mash Festival Cost

According to the festival's ticket page, concert goers could only buy bundled tickets for exactly four people per ticket purchase for a total of $300 before taxes and fees.

Pros and Cons: What People Said About the Festival

No festival is perfect. Some can garner a reputation as being downright awful in some respects, while others go down in history for its awesomeness. Here's what some people said about Monster Mash:

  • Pros: Besides the great band line-up and highly anticipated appearance of Tool (Monster Mash was the band's only show in 2015), Lucky Man Concerts improved its concert experience with Monster Mash. It had apparently had a rough go with its Summer Ends festival that preceded Monster Mash, and noticeable improvements were made for Monster Mash including more free water stations to keep people better hydrated and a better organized seating arrangement to give medical personnel and security clearer access to concert goers.
  • Cons: The unexpected cancelation of the first day of the festival, which included some of the most iconic names in rock history, was a huge letdown for concert goers.

Where Is the Festival Now?

The official Facebook page for Monster Mash has not been updated since its show dates in 2015, and no hint of any future Monster Mash festivals appear in the calendar or news sections of Lucky Man Concerts. As things appear now, Monster Mash was likely a one-time event.

Where Monsters and Metal Fans Came to Trick or Treat

Things have changed since the '80s and '90s when rock and metal bands routinely topped the Billboard charts. As loud guitar-based music has taken a backseat to other genres (i.e. EDM, pop, hip hop), niche festivals have become indispensable to metal fans. The Monster Mash Festival added a little twist to the mix: where a costume and celebrate Halloween while you're rocking. Although it has not repeated and had its share of problems, metal fans certainly enjoyed the fun costumed twist of the Monster Mash Festival.

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