Marching Band Clip Art


Marching band themed clip art is great way to add musical touches to creative projects. Whether you're putting together a printed program or web page for a band event or if you simply want to add band-related images to your scrapbook or craft projects, these free clip art images help you get the artwork you need without busting your budget.

Free Marching Band Graphics

If you'd like to use any of the images provided here, simply right-click the picture you'd like to download, then save it to your computer. Feel free to use any - or all! - of the images for any non-commercial purposes.

Marching Images


Band Instrument Images


More Marching Band Options

Of course there are many other images you may be interested in beyond the five provided above, and several great places where you can find them to download if you have the budget to spend a little money. A few good options include:

  • Conductor: Download an image of a smiling marching band conductor from CanStockPhoto for $2.50 to $10, depending on the size selected.
  • Marching with instruments: Clipart Of has several images that depict band members marching. Options with various instruments like trombones, tubas and drums are available. Each image costs between $15 and $50 depending on size and format selected.
  • Vector band theme images: Shutterstock has a nice selection of vector images depicting marching bands, as well as artwork that can be used for band programs, camps and more. Download any 2 for $29 or 5 for $49, or consider a one-month subscription, which will allow you to download up to 25 images per day for $249.

Get Creative

With so many great band-themed images available for download, there are plenty of choices to help you show off your love of music and marching. Get creative and express yourself with artwork that highlights your passion for band.

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Marching Band Clip Art