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Gospel Music Trivia Questions

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Gospel music has its roots in the black oral traditions of the 17 century in which call and response, hand clapping and foot stomping all played an important part. Trivia questions that cover gospel music from its very beginnings to some of today's most popular gospel music artists and songs are a great source of entertainment for fans of the genre.

Printable Gospel Music Trivia

Click on the first thumbnail below to download 30 questions in three separate categories covering gospel music origin and history, gospel musicians and gospel music. An additional printable contains the answers to all the trivia questions. If you need help downloading the printables, refer to these helpful tips.

Trivia Categories

The gospel music trivia questions and answers are organized into three categories: Gospel Music Origin and History, Gospel Musicians and Gospel Music.

Gospel Music Origin and History

The first series of questions deals with the origin and history of gospel music. There are ten questions in this section ranging in difficulty from easy to hard. Anyone who answers all ten questions correctly should consider himself a true gospel music historian.

Gospel Musicians

The second group of questions addresses the men and women behind gospel music. Answering these ten questions requires solid knowledge about gospel music makers in all styles and over several generations. While each musician highlighted in this section is well-known, some of the questions bring out lesser-known facts about them.

Gospel Music

The final section relates to gospel songs in a variety of styles that have achieved fame or are well-known to many gospel music fans. Songs range from some of the first gospel tunes ever sung to contemporary songs played on the radio today. Only the most dedicated gospel music devotee is likely to achieve a perfect score here.


The answers appear in bold face on a separate printable that also includes all the questions. Questions and answers are in the same order and grouped in the same categories as the original questions. This is to make it easier for the moderator or anyone hosting the trivia to follow along, and to ask the questions in whatever order he like.

A moderator with the answer sheet could provide clues, such as the first couple of letters to the correct answer, if some questions prove too difficult for those trying to answer them.

For After Choir or Any Time

Use these trivia questions after choir practice, with a church social group or with any group of gospel-music-loving friends. To use the questions as an ice-breaker at a party or social gathering, form teams of two or more people to allow for lively discussion. Above all else, have fun and enjoy the process of learning all you can about one of the oldest and most popular musical genres of all time.

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Gospel Music Trivia Questions