Free Music Note Clip Art

treble clefs

Clip art featuring images of music notes can be used to decorate everything from scrapbooks to decoupage items. Download some of the following free clip art to express your creativity and love of music.

Music Notes and Symbols

To download the following clip art images of music notes and symbols, simply click on the picture you want then right-click to save the image to your computer. From there you can use the images digitally as they are, resize them to fit your project, or print them out on paper or card stock. These images are all free for non-commercial use.

Whole Notes

whole note
blue whole note
whole note clip art
green whole note
green plaid whole note
blue plaid whole note
wood-look whole note
animal print whole note
leopard print whole note

Half Notes

half note
blue half note
pink half note
green half note
plaid half note
blue plaid half note
wood half note
animal print half note
leopard print half note

Quarter Notes

quarter note
blue quarter note
pink quarter note
green quarter note
plaid quarter note
blue plaid quarter note
wood quarter note
animal print quarter note
leopard print quarter note

Eighth Notes

eighth note
blue eighth note
pink eighth note
green eighth note
plaid eighth note
blue plaid eighth note
wood eighth note
animal print eighth note
leopard print eighth note

Sixteenth Notes

sixteenth note
blue sixteenth note
pink sixteenth note
green sixteenth note
plaid sixteenth note
blue plaid sixteenth note
wood sixteenth note
animal print sixteenth note
leopard print sixteenth note

Treble Clefs

treble clef
blue treble clef
pink treble clef
green treble clef
plaid treble clef
blue plaid treble clef
wood treble clef
animal print treble clef
leopard print treble clef

Bass Clefs

bass clef
blue bass clef
pink bass clef
green bass clef
plaid bass clef
blue plaid bass clef
wood bass clef
animal print bass clef
leopard print bass clef


flat symbol
blue flat symbol
pink flat symbol
green flat symbol
plaid flat symbol
blue plaid flat symbol
wood flat symbol
animal print flat symbol
leopard print flat symbol


sharp symbol
blue sharp symbol
pink sharp symbol
ggreen sharp symbol
plaid sharp symbol
blue plaid sharp symbol
wood sharp symbol
animal print sharp symbol
leopard print sharp symbol

Staffs and Other Symbols

middle C
Middle C on a staff
beamed sixteenth notes
Beamed sixteenth notes
blank staff
Blank musical staff
grand staff
Grand staff

Uses for Musical Clip Art

You can use clip art in your digital image projects, or print it out to use physical copies. No matter what format you prefer to work in, there are plenty of ways to use these images. For example:

  • Use the staffs as scrapbook or greeting card borders.
  • Print out a variety of colored notes and symbols to decorate a pretty picture frame for any music lover.
  • Teachers can use these images to create certificates for their music students.
  • Cover notebooks or journals with musical prints.
  • Enlarge your favorite images and use them to decorate a decoupage tabletop, serving tray, or other accessory.

Other Clip Art Resources

If you're looking for even more clip art images of music notes, try some of the following resources. These sites offer free, non-commercial use of their images, but make sure to check all of the terms before downloading.

  • Webweaver's Free Clip Art features several unusual images, including dancing pairs turned into half notes and a rainbow-themed staff.
  • Music Graphics Galore has a huge collection of music-themed clip art and graphics, including a page full of music notes in a variety of colors and designs.
  • Homemade Preschool offers cartoonish music notes in different colors, as well as basic notes that are labeled as whole, half, quarter, and eighth notes.

Express Your Love of Music

Combined with your imagination, these music note clip art images can be used to express how you feel about all things musical. Download or print them out and have fun creating new and interesting designs!

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