Best Frozen Song Parodies


Since Frozen is one of the most popular animated films in recent years, it's no surprise that young fans are entranced by the catchy soundtrack. This soundtrack also provided inspiration for dozens of online parodies, some more popular than others.

Popular Frozen Parodies

The most commonly parodied song is the Oscar-winning Let it Go, but it is only one of many.

Give Up!

This song is not only a parody of Let It Go but also a commentary on the effectiveness of Google Translate. The creator of this video typed the English lyrics into the program and translated them into several languages, including Chinese and Polish, before translating them back verbatim. It reached number 10 on People magazine's rankings of Frozen covers and parodies and was featured on an episode of HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

Just Don't Go

Cincinnati Weatherman Bob Herzog created this video as part of his Friday Dance Party series. It garnered the attention of both People magazine and Entertainment Weekly. This Let It Go parody tells drivers to stay off icy roads, giving tongue in cheek warning to those who want to venture out anyway.

Dads Respond

A parody of For the First Time in Forever, this video tells the story of Ryan O'Quinn and Todd Wilkerson who are forced to listen their daughters playing Frozen songs relentlessly in the car. Little do the kids know that the dads secretly love the film. Playbill magazine calls this video "hilarious."

A Frozen Father

Another dad laments on having to hear Let It Go over and over by creating his own parody of the song. However, he doesn't have a change of heart like the dads above do. The Huffington Post staff wrote that this version "may be the best parody yet."

80s TV Characters

According to the Mirror, the "best Frozen Let It Go parody ever" is this one, featuring clips from popular TV shows of the 1980s. While the lyrics are unchanged, you hear and see them uttered by characters ranging from ALF to DJ on Full House to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Let It Go [Mom Version]

Disney sponsored decided to pick its own best Frozen videos. What came out at number one? This Let It Go parody about the life of a suburban mom of school-aged kids.

Let It Blow

A Buzzfeed favorite, this version of Let It Go is loosely sung by the character Bane from Batman. Thankfully the video has subtitles so you can see what he's saying beneath his mask.

Do You Wanna Go To Starbucks

This parody of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman has been featured in several news programs and magazines, including the Huffington Post. It is sung by a frazzled college student needing her caffeine fix during finals week.

Do You Want to Be My Boyfriend

Another popular parody of Do You Wanna Build a Snowman, this one has over 3,000 shares on Mashable. The singer is a woman trying a little too hard, to put it lightly, to find some companionship.

Let It Glow

With nearly 11 million hits and 95,000 likes on YouTube, this is one of the most popular Frozen song parodies out there. It's designed for fans of the game Minecraft and talks about the quest for gold in the game.

Make Your Own

If none of these parodies are what you're looking for, why not create your own? All it takes is some creativity and a smartphone or a webcam. Pick your favorite Frozen tune and have fun!

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Best Frozen Song Parodies