10 Great Sci Fi Music Downloads

Thomma Lyn Grindstaff
Sci-Fi Music

Sci-fi music downloads can be a great way to get background music for a party with a science fiction theme, a funky accompaniment to a video, or even a ringtone. People who are fans of science fiction, whether from books, movies, or television, might also enjoy listening to music that brings their favorite high-technology stories to mind.

Paid Downloads of Sci-Fi Music

A great many paid downloads of sci-fi music are available from retail sites, which are well worth exploring for music from your favorite movies or television shows, or those performed by your favorite artists. These tunes aren't usually available for free legally, but each track costs only about a dollar.

1. Main Title from The Twilight Zone

When people think of sci-fi, one of the first television programs that springs to mind is The Twilight Zone, as well as its iconic theme. Not only would this instrumental track make a great ringtone, but it would also add a delightfully surreal vibe to any otherworldly gathering.

2. Main Theme from V

People in search of a great instrumental sci-fi track with an out-of-this-world flair will be glad to find the Main Theme from V. The music features a crisp beat with cool synths that call to mind the alien characters and spacecraft from the classic made-for-TV movie.

3. Main Theme from Star Trek

It's hard to get more quintessentially sci-fi than the Main Theme from Star Trek, available along with other selections from the first motion picture based on the original television series. Listening to the theme, sci-fi fans will get a sense of zipping around the galaxy aboard the Starship Enterprise.

4. Science Fiction Double Feature

For a campy sci-fi tune it's hard to beat Science Fiction Double Feature, the song that opens The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a cult classic. Its lyrics are filled with good-spirited parodies of 1950s films like The Invisible Man, Forbidden Planet, King Kong, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

5. The X-Files Theme

The eerie and ethereal sounds of the X-Files Theme would make great atmospheric music for any party with a sci-fi theme. Fans of the television series, as well as the two movies which were based on the series, would enjoy a listen as well.

6. Rocket Man

From the annals of classic rock hails Elton John's legendary tune Rocket Man. It deserves a spot on any sci-fi music playlist not only for its imaginative, searching lyrics about a lonely man in a rocket ship but also for its catchy, soaring tune.

7. Space Oddity

For a blast into the past, science fiction fans will want to check out David Bowie's classic rock song Space Oddity, whose lyrics tell the story of launching fictional astronaut Major Tom out into space. The song is said to have been inspired by the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, and it was released in 1969, the year that actual astronauts first landed on the moon.

Free Sci-Fi Music Downloads

Independent music artists can be an excellent source for free downloads of sci-fi music. Some indie musicians offer free downloads of their music to build fan bases and name recognition.

8. Fixt Path

Indie group Zan-zan-zawa-veia is offering a free download on Last.fm of their instrumental track Fixt Path. It's a real treat for people who like electronic music that riffs on the beeps, squawks, and other funky, robotic sound effects that characterize classic sci-fi films.

9. Experimental Sci-Fi

Patrick Wiklacz, who releases electronic music under the name Ambient Field, is an indie artist who is making his track Experimental Sci-Fi available for free download via the Internet Archive. Experimental Sci-Fi is eight minutes of funky atmospheric music that the composer wrote for an imaginary science fiction movie.

10. Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi is a science fiction-inspired track created by independent music group Celestial Grounds, and it can be downloaded for free via Jamendo. An instrumental composition suitable for theme parties, Sci-Fi features high-tech sound effects set to a danceable beat.

Futuristic Soundscapes

Whether people are singing along, dancing to the rhythms, or looking playfully over their shoulders for encroaching black-and-white robots with ray guns, sci-fi music can be a great deal of fun. Not only does it make the present moment more enjoyable, but it also takes its listeners on a ride through a landscape of futuristic imaginings.

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10 Great Sci Fi Music Downloads