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Are you looking for some romantic rock songs? The rockers of the present and the past don't just want to thrash and throw heavy guitar licks at you: they have a softer side. You can get a sense of love or heartache or compassion or want from a rock song just like you can from a pop or country song. The songs below articulate all kinds of romantic emotions.

Bon Jovi's "Always"

You can find Bon Jovi's "Always" on the Crossroads album as a previously unreleased track. It's about someone who has lost the love of his life, but knows that she was the best love of his life. "And I will love you, baby - always/And I'll be there forever and a day - always" echoes that sentiment in literal ways.

"Don't Want to Miss a Thang" by Aerosmith

You knew this one was going to be on the list, right? The main love theme from Armageddon, Aerosmith rocks out with the love in this song. Some contend this is kind of a stalker song, but when you listen to the lyrics, you'll find that if you close your eyes, you will miss everything your love is and could be. Ben Affleck danced an animal cookie over Liv Tyler's stomach in the movie as the song overlaid the scene. It was almost too perfect.

The Romantic Rock Song, "When I Look Into Your Eyes"

Let's go back to the 80's with "When I Look Into Your Eyes" by Firehouse. Despite having some of the most cliché lyrics of all time, "When I Look Into Your Eyes" seems to be a popular wedding theme song that stands the test of matrimony. The main story of the song is that "I see all my dreams come true/when I look into your eyes."

"Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls

From the Dizzy Up the Girl album comes "Iris". This sweet little tune focuses on a girl that pretty much makes a man be the man that he is. In tune with Bon Jovi's above song, he doesn't really want to miss her, but knows that he will.

"Everything" by Lifehouse

Lifehouse seems to pump out sappy lyrics with nice melodies with each album. "Find me here/speak to me/I want to feel you/I need to hear you/you are light/that's leading me/to the place where I find peace again." The song is the 12th track on the album No Name Face. "Everything" is about all the calming effects a girl has on a man no matter how rough the storm. The question "How can I not be moved by you?" is posed with wonderful and subtly romantic effects.

"Far Away" by Nickelback

The All the Right Reasons album has a good mix of hard rock, anger songs as well as a few softer ballads and even one romantic rock song. "Far Away" realizes the mistakes that can be made in a relationship and how when someone's away how that love grows. "You know, you know, you know!/That I love you/I have loved you all along". Love is just that simple in Nickelback's "Far Away".

"Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC

Now this song is a little heavier and quicker than most of the song listed above and not a lot of people use the words AC/DC and romantic rock song in the same sentence. The song also has more innuendo. Some have referenced the lyrics to a car, but when read literally, they to a girl that is shakes a man physically, mentally, and sexually. And that's okay because she "Shook Me All Night Long"!

Rock Out Baby

If you want some sentimental ballads, the 80's hold some of the best out there. If you want something peppy, then kick back to the 50's and 60's. Current rockers tend to write romantic rock songs about missing a girl or hoping that a break-up or a heartache will stop soon. Whatever the reason you need a romantic rock song, there is sure to be something in one of the decades since rock was conceived.

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