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R.City Interview


Even if you don't know the R. City yet (and if you don't, you will), chances are you can already sing along to many of their songs. This songwriting duo from St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands, have been ruling the charts from behind the scenes as the creative force behind some of today's most popular songs. But they've always been performers at heart and thanks to a deal with Akon's KonLive Records, they're getting ready to bask in the glow of seeing their own name up in lights. Teron and Timothy of R. City recently chatted with LTK Music about their upcoming major label debut, Wake the Neighbors, and gave fans an early glimpse into the tracks to watch out for.

R.City - The History

Teron and Timothy have been performers since they were children. In their St. Thomas birthplace, they first took to the stage as back-up dancers with a local all girl rap group. When the girls decided to call it quits, the boys decided they hadn't had near enough yet and continued to perform. Their dad took the reigns as manager, and pushed the brothers to constantly improve and add new abilities to their repoirtiore. During this time, Timothy and Teron experiments with reggae, rap and more - this blending of sounds and genre boundary pushing is still evident in their music today.

After effectively dominating the music scene in the islands by the time they finished high school, the brothers decided to that their chances on making it in the States. After a brief stint in Miami, fate intervened with an Atlanta based promoter from St. Thomas who knew their music invited them to come to Georgia for a show. Teron and Timothy packed their bags and moved to Atlanta, where the music scene was more vibrant.

Prolific songwriters for themselves, the brothers got a lucky break when Benny D, Akon's DJ, offered to play one of their songs for the star. Akon loved it, recorded it, and the buzz took off from there. Pretty soon, Teron and Timothy were in demand as songwriters for everyone from Usher to the Pussycat Dolls to Jesse McCartney.

Songwriting success was good, and profitable, but the brothers what the brothers really wanted was to be the ones on stages themselves. They used their songwriting connections to get their music to the ears of the labels, and pretty soon the majors were putting big money contracts on the table. The only problem was, most of them wanted to change the group. Enter Akon again, who stepped in with a contract for his Konlive label, which also guaranteed Teron and Timothy creative control over their music. The result is R. City's debut album - Wake the Neighbors - out late summer 2008.

R. City's Teron and Timothy Discuss Wake The Neighbors

What are your favorite tracks on the album?

Teron: Well, I have a couple. I wouldn't say all, because you know everyone says, "every song is dope" but I really think we made a good album. We have a song called Cold Heart that I think is the greatest thing since sliced cheese. I love it. I love that song and there's two others - a song called Rebel and a song called Up Under the Covers that just because a favorite because we've been playing it so much over and over that it's now one of my favorites because I put it in my own head. But those three songs are my personal favorites on the album.

Are those songs going to be singles?

Teron: Actually Up Under the Covers is going to be a single, but Cold Heart and Rebel - I don't know. Maybe Rebel, we're kinda…Rebel is up in the air. A lot of people love it but it is very hard. We don't know. The singles we love, too, don't get my wrong. I love the singles we have. But personal favorites…just like…The first single is Losing It, our second single is called Flyers in Planes and the song we wrote for Akon, I Got You, is a potential third single. But the songs that I just mentioned, the subject matter - Cold Heart is just very socially - to make socially aware of things going on in the world - to tell people that there are things going in the world - to tell people there might be things you don't see but we're gonna open your eyes. Like yo, you know this going on and you know gas prices are high and you know there's a recession…

And Rebel - well, everyone calls it our Interscope diss record because we got mad at Jimmy (Iovine, head of Interscope) one time. So we wrote a song called Rebel that said, you can't tell us what to do, we're going to do whatever we want. And it just so happens it really came out dope. We wrote it mad at them and they heard and said, yo, I love it, it's a great song.

Up Under the Covers - one of our favorite songs is Lionel Richie All Night Long - and we always said if we could ever do a song like that it would be the best thing in the world. And we did a song like that. It's modern and live - we love it.

Any tours coming up?

Teron: We're supposed to do a promo run through Florida. But as far as touring plans, there's nothing really concrete. We're trying to get on some tours now, and there are two we have in mind. I hate to say names and it don't go through, but there are two coming up and we have our fingers crossed. But that's our favorite parts. I love writing music, I love writing songs, I love music, but getting on that stage is our favorite part of the business. It's our favorite thing to do.

What else do you want people to know?

Timothy: Our album wake the neighbors coming out this year and we're very exciting about it, and the Myspace is RCityLive - check it out!

Teron: And one thing we always like to say - we didn't expect to be here or be this far, so anyone who has supported us up to now or will support us in the future, we want to say thank you and thank you in advance.

More R. City

In addition to finding R. City on their MySpace page, you can also find their first single Losin It on iTunes.

R.City Interview