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Popular Dance Songs

A Pair of Dancers

You can hear popular dances songs on the radio, in a dance club, and even when you're at a stop light and some pulls up with their windows down and the music loud. Dance songs in general use a simple beat with a simple baseline while popular dance songs incorporate catchy melodies or easily infectious lyrics that saturate your mind. Sometimes popular dance songs are remakes and sometimes they are remixes of an original song by the same artist. They become one of those songs that "you can't get out of your head". Below are some popular dance songs.

Barbie Girl - Aqua

Classified as Europop, Barbie Girl has lyrics that are easy to memorize and a likable chorus that almost everyone can relate to because everyone knows what a Barbie is. Lead singer Lene Alexander's high-pitched voice carries the bubbly song along while Rene Dif's gruff male voice is a sexy addition and a good balance to a song that was voted the fourth "Best of All Time" on an online VH1 poll.

Listen to Your Heart - DHT

Listen to Your Heart was originally done by Roxette and DHT created a dance version in 2005. It is a fast song with quick stops and melodic restarts. There are six different remixes of DHT's version of the song, but they all have the great singing of Edmee Daenen. DHT stands for Dance, House, Trance and each of those styles is represented in each of the mixes, including the original. The song hit the top 10 in many US charts and peaked at below 20 on a lot of foreign charts.

Heaven - D.J. Sammy

Another remake, Heaven is another pumped up version of an older song. Like most popular dance songs, a nice, melodic female singer spouts the verses. There is also a piano instrumental version called Yanou's Candlelight Mix that isn't dance, but it's a nice song to play in the background.

Groove is in the Heart - Dee-Lite

Groove is in the Heart is a fun dance song with lyrics like The depth the hula groove/Move us to the nth hoop/We goin' through to Horten/Hears a who-ooh. There are some funky breaks and quirky little blurts by DJ Soul. Groove is in the Heart is a song, that when played, everyone jumps up to dance to because everyone knows the verses and the chorus and some will even spit out the musical sections.

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) - C&C Music Factory

C&C Music factory is known for making catchy songs in many styles like pop, hip-hop, and dance. The 1990's brought their biggest hit, Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now). While the lyrics aren't as complex as something Talib Kweli or Atmosphere might rap, the lyrics are still smooth and very easy to remember. This is probably one of the few dance songs out there that you can dance any style too. Yes, even interpretive Dance.

Everytime We Touch - Cascada

Cascada is the German Eurodance group that uses the chorus from Maggie Reilly's song Everytime We Touch. This was on her 1992 album Echoes. Cascada's version is ramped up version that is especially played in rave clubs. If you want a good selection of remixes, then this is the song you should listen to. There are over 50 different mixes of this song, but the best ones are the original and the piano instrumental songs (Yanou's Candlelight Mix…similar to "Heaven").

It Takes All Kinds

Popular dance songs are everywhere. You can't escape them, so why not enjoy them. Just like picking out your favorite genre of book, you can also have a favorite genre of dance song. Some other styles of dance music:

  • Trance
  • Rave
  • Europop
  • Bubblegum Dance
  • Electro
  • Techno
  • House

As you can see, you don't have to be tied down to the Dance genre by itself. Some of the peppiest songs are Europop and some of the best singing can be found in Techno. If you find a song in one style you like, then stick with that style and dance away!

Popular Dance Songs