Online Music Composing

Online Music Composing

With the huge prevalence of the internet, it should come as little surprise that online music composing is more popular today than it has ever been in the past. Previously, computerized music composition software was a pricey endeavor that was reserved only for people who were very serious about creating music, but today, even the casual composer can quickly, easily, and cheaply compose their own symphonies! Where can you find these fantastic online music tools? Keep reading to find out.

Online Music Composing

Everyone is connected to the Internet these days, making it very easy to not only buy music online and listen to free online music radio stations, but also to create music of your own. In an age of Web 2.0, where web users are just as likely to contribute to the online music community as they are to receive from it, many amateurs are turning to online music composing to share their tunes with the world.

While traditionalist may stick to classical music, there is a growing contingent that is spreading their wings, so to speak, into countless other genres, including jazz, world, Christian, and even pop! You can even create your own sheet music!

Pros and Cons to Composing Online

On the plus side, most online music composition tools are free. No one can beat that price. The utilities and applications are typically easy to approach and easy to learn. They also usually come with some way of sharing your creation with other music lovers around the world.

Cons to online composing include the need to be connected to the Internet in order to use them, the usually limited feature set (compared to full application suites that are installed on computers), and the potential security issues involved. Some websites may also place limits on your musical creations.

Where to Find Free Music Tools

Here is a short list of some free music tools that you can find on the web. Online music composing was never so easy.

  • You'll need Apple Quicktime to properly run this tool and while you cannot create sheet music, the interface is much easier for children to enjoy. You "sketch" the music, and select the tempo by choosing between a turtle, a rabbit, and a fast rabbit.
  • Easy Music Composer: There are two versions of this program available. The freeware software limits a song to just eight bars, whereas the shareware edition can go as long as 255 bars. It's not truly online because you will need to download and install the software.
  • Splice: This website has a huge community to go along with its music composition tools. They encourage you to meet, mix and mashup by recording sounds, composing songs, listening to music, make friends, and create remixes.
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Online Music Composing