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If you want to sing some of that sweet old time country music, then you're going to need some old country music lyrics. Country music lends itself to a good, old sing a long, perhaps more than any other kind of music, and old country music tunes are songs many people hold near and dear to their hearts. Old country lyrics may not be as easy to find as popular chart music lyrics, but they aren't as hard to find as you may think. Head to the internet to dig up some old country lyrics, and then turn off the TV, head out to the porch, and get your friends and family to sing along, just like they used to do it.

Where to Find Old Country Music Lyrics

Lyrics to old county music songs are just a mouse click away when you know here to look.

National Databases

In America, old country music is a part of the cultural history of the nation. Many old country songs trace events important in American national history, such as the Great Depression, the WPA, moves to bring electricity to the Deep South in the early 20th century, and so on. Country music lyrics represent an oral historical chronicle of events, and it likewise also acts as a record of a way of life that has disappeared in many places. Old traditional country music songs, like murder ballads and early bluegrass songs, are a treasure trove of cultural information for historians and sociologists. The same goes for folk music from other countries - although the terms folk music and country music cannot always be used interchangeably, old country music is in essence America's folk music.

For these reasons, there are large catalogs of old country lyrics available through national museums and university folk arts and American history departments. The following websites are a great place to start:

Other Resources

Of course, you don't have to turn to scholarly resources to find old country music lyrics. There are many websites dedicated to country music fans that have information on lyrics both new and old. You should be aware, however, that their databases of very old country music lyrics may vary. Most sites will have the mainstays, like Will the Circle be Unbroken or You are my Sunshine, but you may have to dig a little deeper to find lyrics to less well known songs. The websites listed below are a great place to start:

  • Cowboy Lyrics has lyrics and tabs for most new, popular country songs, but they also have a modest database of old county lyrics, plus links to other websites where you can find more lyrics that are to your liking.
  • The Traditional Music Library is a UK based website with tons of resources for country music lyrics, from Traditional Bluegrass Music to Kentucky Mountain Music.
  • A-Z Lyrcis, by their own admission, has a relatively limited collection of country music lyrics, but it is a great place to visit because you can make a lyric request and get help from other users.

Your Favorite Lyric Websites

Calling all old time country fans - what is your favorite country music lyric website? Where can we find the lyrics to everything from The Carter Family to The Louvin Brothers to Tommy Collins? Leave us a comment with your suggestions so everyone can check them!

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Old Country Music Lyrics