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Whether you love to sing into your hairbrush in front of a mirror or you're a serious vocalist, music tracks that don't have lyrics let you sing along to popular tunes without the recorded vocals. Before downloading any music, be sure to review the website's licensing policy to determine how your track can be legally used.

Amazon Music is the go-to online store for many items including music. There is a huge selection of music without vocals available on CD or as single, downloadable MP3 tracks. Here are some great song choices to consider, available for 99 cents or less per MP3 download:

Whitmore's Music

Whitmore's Music
Whitmore's Music

Whitmore's Music offers a variety of religious and inspirational tracks without lyrics, intended to be used for backing music for church singing and wedding soloists. You'll find a range of song choices here, from traditional worship songs to gospel tracks and holiday selections.

For songs in the style of popular artists, such as Kelly Clarkson and Elvis Presley, the CDs come complete with different versions including those with background singers, and some that are completely instrumental. All music is available on CD only, but they offer free shipping with each purchase of $45 or more, and most CDs are priced under $10. You can listen to a demo before purchasing. Available songs include: offers a huge variety of accompaniment tracks of Christian-based songs. Some are available to be purchased as MP3 downloads while others are sold on CD only. Genres range from traditional a cappella and alternative selections to Celtic, rap/hip hop, country, and rock choices. They also offer a large selection of songs for children.

Most tracks include several key options and the option to sing with or without background singers. Most CDs cost around $10, while downloads range from 99 cents to $1.29 each. Some popular selections here are:


If you're looking for a little more diversity, KaraFun offers streaming and download access to lyric-free songs in a variety of categories including rock, pop, soul, dance, and country. The site offers a basic subscription service starting at $9.99 per month for unlimited access to their catalog of 26,000 professionally recorded karaoke songs of all genres. Available titles include:

KaraFun also offers a two-day subscription for $5.99 that gives you unlimited access for two days. The site also offers deluxe features for professionals starting at $49.99 per month.

20 Dollar Beats

screenshot Rap beats on
Rap beats on

If rap and hip hop are the music genres you love, you'll want to check out 20 Dollar Beats' music tracks. They produce original music tracks in a wide variety of tempos and styles. Each MP3 track is immediately downloadable and waiting for you to add your vocals and lyrics, or use in your latest digital production. Tracks cost $6.95 each, and are all over three minutes in length. All available downloads are found on 20 Dollar Beats' home page, including these beat sounds:

  • Lost Out Here (Hip hop)
  • Slow it Down (Slow R&B)
  • On Stage (R&B beat with guitars)
  • Taxi Traffic (Smooth synthesizer beat)
  • Rashus (Pop rock music beat)
  • Ciroc (Dance beat)


Standardstrax features the unique musical creations of Alan McPike. His work includes standards, Christmas and seasonal songs, swing, jazz, and big band sounds. Music tracks are available for male or female singers, and most songs are available in multiple keys. McPike also takes requests for custom backing tracks. Demos for each song let you try before you buy, and you can purchase in MP3 or CD format. Most songs are priced at a little over $6 US. Here are some songs to consider:

Hit Trax

Hit Trax is a seller of backing MP3 tracks and MIDI files with over 32,000 songs in their collection. Songs are available in most popular categories including top 40, country, hip hop, and R&B. There are also sections dedicated to hits from each decade and music from around the world. All files are available for download only. MIDI files cost $4.50 and MP3s cost $2.50 each. Here's a handful of Hit Trax's selections - to find the songs on the site, use their search function at the top of the page to search by artist or song title:

  • Roar (Katy Perry)
  • Applause (Lady GaGa)
  • Still Into You (Paramore)
  • Everything Has Changed (Taylor Swift)
  • Slow Down (Selena Gomez)
  • Mine Would Be You (Blake Shelton)

The Karaoke Channel Online

The Karaoke Channel Online bills itself as the "most full featured online karaoke platform," and it strives to live up to that name with a catalog of over 13,000 songs that come pre-downloaded in its library and available for you to use once you subscribe. Sing along with Broadway hits, Disney favorites, top pop artists, and timeless classics. The Library's search page lets you search for songs in its vast collection by artist, era, or genre.

The Karaoke Channel Online offers background tracks for artists both contemporary and classic, including:

It has a subscription plan similar to KaraMusic, billed monthly at $9.95, which gives you unlimited access to the site's library and an ad-free experience.

In addition, the Karaoke Channel, through its Karaoke Stingray page, allows you to purchase downloadable mp3s from their library.

Enjoy Your Music

Music without lyrics isn't just for sing-alongs. Instrumental pieces can be great background music. Whether you like some noise while studying or you want to relax to soothing sounds, you can enjoy the music without any distraction from the lyrics. Background tracks can also be useful for presentations, projects, and events. Playing tastefully in the background, the right song can evoke powerful feelings and leave a lasting impression.

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