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Thanks to the proliferation of music lyric websites, you no longer have to worry about blowing your cool with those embarrassing song lyric mistakes. We all know someone who sings along to songs happily, on the top of the lungs, using all the wrong words. In fact, mistaken song lyrics are something of a pop culture phenomenon, and books have been written on a subject. This website, Kiss This Guy, which is named after the famously misunderstood Jimi Hendrix lyric, actually has a database of all the commonly misunderstood song lyrics. But now that music lyric websites are on the scene, these comical mistakes may be a thing of the past. What's more, music lyric websites aren't only good for saving you from a disastrous party foul, but they are also great for karaoke nights, cover bands, or just for finding out what your favorite artist really has to say.

Music Lyric Websites

There are two groups of music lovers: those whose favorite part of music is the actual music itself, and those who fall for a song based on the great lyrics. For all you music lyric fans (and serial music lyric botchers) out there, these sites are for you:

Absolute Lyrics

Absolute Lyrics has a huge database of popular song lyrics. Most of the songs represented on the site are Top 40 songs, so if you're looking for something a little more offbeat, this site may not be for you. However, music lyrics are added on an almost daily basis, so the database is constantly growing. You can search for lyrics by artist or by title, and the site also has ringtone downloads, in case you want to add a favorite song to your phone after you have learned the words. An LTK Music word of caution about this site, though - it is supported by tons of pop up ads - be careful where you click.

A-Z Lyrics

A-Z Lyrics is another music lyric website that has mainly Top 40 music lyrics, but is a few features that make it stand out. First, you can request lyrics of any song not on the site, so the database of songs is really endless. This site does have a few more obscure artists represented in its database, plus, it offers album reviews of new releases and links to other music lyric websites.

Lots of Lyrics

Don't let the appearance of this site fool you. Lots of Lyrics looks a little amateur, and it plagued by pop up ads, but it is also has a great database of punk and metal lyrics that you can't find on other sites. There are also music polls you can take part in, and album ratings. If you want to find a lyrics to songs that are a little under the radar, this site is a great place to do it.

Other Music Lyric Websites

There really are thousands of music lyric websites on the internet, so the words to your favorite tune are out there somewhere. Here are some of our other favorite music lyric pages:

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Music Lyric Websites