Male Pop Singers

Male stars sing their hearts out!

Even with all of the female pop stars out there, male pop singers work hard to solidify their importance. In what some people consider to be a woman's world, men have to work that much harder to get their voices out there. With powerhouse singers coming out every week on shows like American Idol and on the radio, the pop world is a giant competition.

Popular Male Pop Singers

Looking to learn more about some of the hottest male pop singers out there? A few of the hotter stars include:

Mike Posner

Posner released his first album, 31 Seconds to Takeoff, in August of 2010, after promoting the highly successful single Cooler Than Me. In July of 2010, Posner performed his hit track for America's Got Talent. As of August 2010, Posner has one of the hottest singles on the radio and is looking to support the album with a great tour.

Kris Allen

As the winner of the eighth season of American Idol, Allen's winning track was No Boundaries. His version of the track Heartless has also topped the charts, as did the lead single to his debut album Live Like We're Dying. Allen's second single featured the lead singer of popular band Train. Allen's success on the show has also prompted the popularity of other American Idol contestants like Adam Lambert.

David Gray

Many remember David Gray as the singer who performed the track Babylon. Since the track's release, Gray has released a lot of other material, such as a 2010 album called Foundling. The star is known for smooth vocals, catchy hooks and introspective lyrics.

Maroon 5

As one of the most popular bands of recent years, Maroon 5 is composed of a group of successful male musicians. With headliner Adam Levine and a full band backing, the band has created popular jazz-meets-pop tracks like She Will Be Loved, Makes Me Wonder and Misery. At the time of writing, the band looks to release their latest album in the Fall of 2010, followed by a major tour supporting the release.

Enrique Inglesias

Known for several of the hottest Latin fusion tracks, Enrique has put out such popular songs as Could I Have This Kiss Forever, Ballamos, Rhythm Divine and Taking Back My Love. The Latin star is also known recently for featuring the cast of The Jersey Shore in his music video.


Usher is looked at as a crossover star, mixing both R&B, hip-hop and pop. He's known for tracks like Yeah!, Nice and Slow and OMG. In recent years, he has also moved more into the world of producing.

Billy Joel

As a star that rised in the 1980's, Billy Joel has had great tracks like The Longest Time, We Didn't Start the Fire and Uptown Girl.

Jason Mraz

While Jason Mraz might have risen to fame with the album Waiting For My Rocket to Come, his ship has surely come. He's now known for popular tracks like The Remedy (I Won't Worry), You and I and I'm Yours.

Justin Bieber

A young Canadian pop star, Bieber was discovered off of the Internet. With videos published on YouTube, he was invited to perform for Usher and the rest is history. He is best known for the track One Time.

What Makes A Guy Famous?

Many pop singers are known for not only their stunning vocals but their good looks. Aspects that can help a male singer be popular include:

  • Good looks and personality
  • Great songs and even better lyrics
  • Having good connections such as a guest star on an album or a famous producer
  • Touring with another well known artist, such as Gym Class Heroes touring with Fall Out Boy
  • Dedication and passion

If a singer is looking to be the next male pop star, he'll have to keep these things in mind as the top of the charts only has room for a select few!

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