Where to Listen to Brazilian Music Online

Listen to Brazilian Music Online

Brazilian music is a broad term that encompasses many different styles. Although many musical genres exist in Brazil, ranging from indigenous to global genres like rock and classical music, the best known styles are Samba, Bossa Nova and Tropicalia. Searching online for niche genres like Brazilian music can take time and effort, but there are plenty of options for discovering these lively tracks.

Streaming Brazilian Music

The following stations bring the local musical tastes of Brazil directly to you from every corner of the country.

Tune In

Tune In lists links to Brazil-based radio stations that stream their broadcasts internationally, and the site organizes the stations by genre. It includes the following Brazilian styles:

  • Axé
  • Bossa Nova
  • Brazilian Popular
  • Brega
  • Forró
  • Funk Carioca
  • Jovem Guarda
  • Samba
  • Sertanejo Pop
  • Swingueira
  • Zouk

To access the station you simply click on the one you want and enjoy. No registration or payments are required.

Live 365

Live 365 is an internet radio platform that hosts thousands of amateur and professional radio stations. There are typically around 20 stations dedicated to various styles of Brazilian music, most predominantly Bossa Nova and Tropicalia. Their service is also completely hassle-free without registration or payment requirements.

Surf Music

The most fascinating feature of Surf Music is that it lists its stations by city so that you can hear what Brazilians in that region are listening to at that moment, as if you were there enjoying their culture with them. For Brazilians living abroad looking for a taste of home or for anyone who is curious about the musical experience of a specific area of Brazil, this site is a superb choice. Streaming is free and requires no sign-ups.

Free Downloads of Brazilian Music

Unlike much of America's corporate rock industry, an abundance of free Brazilian music is legally available online to download. Even the hostels in Brazil have created websites for tourists to obtain free mp3s of the nation's best classics.

  • Last.FM: This well-known music site currently has dozens of pages of Brazilian songs available for free download, including all of the genre's important styles such as Samba, Tropicalia, Bossa Nova, and more recent trends such as Brazilian rock.
  • Free Music Archive: Americans typically associate the FMA with Western indie rock, but it is also a haven for free independent world music. Its Brazilian page currently offers close to 200 free downloads. You won't find big-name Brazilian artists like Gilberto Gil or Joao Gilberto, but you will find plenty of fascinating artists who play everything from traditional Brazilian jazz to experimental rock bands.
  • Chill Inn Paraty Hostel: In Brazil, not only can you go to hostels for cheap lodging, you can go to them for free music. This hostel's site features a hand-picked "best of" list that its owners feel represents the greatest Brazilian music ever made.
  • Spin.com: A recent online edition of Spin Magazine offers free downloads of some of the latest Brazilian electronica music, including unusual styles such as Tecnobrega and Trap. While many of the free downloads above deal with Brazil's past classics, these tracks represent the future of Brazilian music, according to Spin.

Music truly lives in every corner of Brazilian society. It is no wonder that their culture has such a festive and joyous reputation.

Paid Download Sites

If the Brazilian music you're searching for is not available on the free sites above, paid download sites are your best option for finding what you need. These industry-leading paid download sites offer the largest libraries of mainstream Brazilian music, including some of Brazil's most famous artists such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gilberto Gil, Marisa Montes, and Joao and Astrud Gilberto and their famous collaborations with American tenor sax player Stan Getz:

  • Amazon.com: With the largest selection by far, Amazon lists over 2,000 albums under its Brazilian music category with hundreds of steeply discounted albums. When it comes to selection and price for pay-per-song download sites, Amazon is difficult to beat.
  • iTunes: With close to 300 albums under its Brazilian Music category, iTunes offers every major artist under Brazil's sweltering sun. Almost every one of those 293 albums sells for $9.99, but you will find a handful that are discounted in the 5-8 dollar range.
  • CDBaby: This independent-focused paid download (and CD) site offers 200 albums in its Brazilian music section. Prices are similar to iTunes, and they have quite a few high-quality indie Brazilian albums that you might not find on the larger sites.

A Brazilian Vacation In Your Living Room

If you can't afford to travel to Rio de Janeiro for Carnival, immersing yourself in the joyous sun-washed music of Brazil is a decent compromise. If you're new to Brazilian music, its abundance on the Internet makes it a perfect genre to explore.

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Where to Listen to Brazilian Music Online