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Joss Stone

Fans of contemporary British soul music are likely interested in reading a Joss Stone biography. This young and very talented artist has been releasing a string of hit albums and hit singles since 2003, and her fan base continues to expand. But in addition to her award winning musical career, Joss Stone is an active philanthropist, media spokesperson, and actress whose career appears to have no ceiling. This article will provide you with a Joss Stone biography that covers all aspects of her exciting life and career.

The Ever Expanding Joss Stone Biography


Any decent biography should start with some background personal information before getting into the various aspects of the person's later life and career. Joss Stone was born in England in 1987 in the small town of Dover. Stone's family was not particularly musically oriented, although she had an uncle who turned her on to great Amercian music from the 1960s and 1970s. Her first CD was Aretha Franklin's Greatest Hits, and Stone fell head over heels in love with the emotions and style of soul music. This love planted the seed for her fledgling music career, as she wanted to try to emulate the vocals of the greatest soul singers in her own music.

Music Career

Joss Stone's music career started when she was very young. At the age of fourteen, Stone appeared on and won a British television talent show called Star for a Night. Her performance of Aretha Franklin's (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman caught the attention of the music industry, and the next year she was flown to New York City where she began work on her debut record The Soul Sessions. Released in 2003 when Stone was only sixteen years old, The Soul Sessions consists of obscure soul music covers as well as Stone's interpretation of The White Stripe's Fell in Love With a Girl, which she renamed Fell in Love With a Boy. The album was a runaway success, selling over three million copies.

The very next year, Stone released Mind, Body, and Soul and avoided the sophomore slump that often befalls young artists. Mind, Body, and Soul was as commercially successful as her debut and achieved a level of critical success that The Soul Sessions failed to reach. The singles Spoiled and Right to Be Wrong were international hits, and Stone was nominated for three Grammy Awards that year including Best New Artist.

Her third record was 2007's Introducing Joss Stone, an album featuring collaborations with some of pop music's most eclectic artists including Common and Lauryn Hill. The album was another smash success, selling millions of copies, spawning a world tour, and winning a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group.

Waiting in the wings at the time of this writing is her 2009 release Colour Me Free, a largely improvisational record written and recorded in one week. The record is a departure for Stone in that it is said to be very raw and stripped down and showcases her musicality in a live-studio setting.

In addition to her own releases, Stone has been extremely busy collaborating with countless musicians from all genres of music. A short list of who she has worked and recorded with reads like a Who's Who of important musical icons, including Jeff Beck, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Herbie Hancock, Brian May, and Smokey Robinson.

Acting Career

Stone made her acting debut in the 2006 fantasy film Eragon in which she played a witch named Angela. She has also performed a reoccurring role portraying Anne of Cleaves, Henry the VIII's fourth wife, on Showtime's hit series The Tudors. Her next big screen role is in the romantic comedy Snappers where she plays the part of a young lesbian named Stephanie.

Et Cetera

As if a full music and acting career is not enough for a 22 year old, Joss Stone is also involved as a spokesperson, corporate sponsor and activist for charities and politicians. She has been a spokesperson for Gap since 2005 and wrote and recorded a song called Governmentalist for Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign. She has been actively involved in the movement to bring awareness to the atrocities occurring in Darfur, as well as VH1's Save the Music Foundation. She has performed in support of the LGBT community and to raise awareness for World AIDS Day at various benefits. A vegetarian since birth, Stone has also been a spokesperson for PETA and has appeared in many of their advertisements.

The Future is Limitless

It doesn't seem that twenty-four hours is enough time in the day for someone as ambitious as Joss Stone. This talented, intelligent, and determined young artist seems to have no limit to what she can achieve. Stay tuned to see what the next few years add to the Joss Stone biography.

Joss Stone Biography