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Jonas Brothers Pictures

Jonas Brothers Pictures

Jonas Brothers pictures focuses on three brothers: Nick, Joe and Kevin. The brothers are superstars with over 8 million records sold. The talented trio shot to stardom with appearances on the Disney Channel including starring in the Disney Channel original movie: Camp Rock.

Joy to the World

The brothers began with Nick who starred on Broadway as a variety of characters including Chip from Beauty and the Beast. When Nick wrote and performed Joy to the World (A Christmas Carol) during Carols for the Cure, his song found its way to a producer who saw great potential for the budding star.

Opening Act

The three brothers initially thought to name themselves the 'Sons of Jonas' but the 'Jonas Brothers' won out. They began touring in 2005, opening for Kelly Clarkson, Jesse McCartney, the Backstreet Boys and more. In 2006, they began opening for The Veronicas.

Captured in Wax

Between their natural charm and talent, the Jonas Brothers quickly won the hearts of tweenagers and teens everywhere. Their Disney appearances coupled with their music continued their rise to superstardom. In 2009, Jonas Brothers pictures would live on in wax.

Jonas Mom

The boys continue to bank millions of dollars for their efforts, but they are also giving back. They began the Change for the Children Foundation as a way to give to children's charities and to support those who are trying to help kids have a better life. Mom raised her kids right.

Jonas Brothers Music and More

With four albums under their belts and more awards, the Jonas Brothers are a 21st century pop phenomenon.

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Jonas Brothers Pictures