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Hip Hop Internet Radio Stations

Michael Kwan

Hip hop internet radio stations give you a wider selection of hip hop music than you could ever find on your standard local radio dial. Internet radio gives DJs more flexibility in what they can play than those at heavily programmed standard radio stations, so they can play more obscure tracks without having to worry about dropping a song for its language or content. This is particularly important in the genre of hip hop and rap songs where language can be an issue.

Where to Listen to Hip Hop Internet Radio

Hip hop stations are becoming more and more prevalent online, so finding one that suits you should be a breeze. These can all be accessed from a standard web browser on a computer, but may also be accessed through other devices like Internet radio stereos, select smartphone apps and web-connected set-top boxes.

Live 365

Live 365 is maybe the best interface for internet radio, period. There are hundreds of different stations across all genres operating under the Live 365 banner, each of them rated by users so you can get an idea of which stations are worth your time. The DJs at Live 365 are a mix of professional DJs and mega music fans. There are 386 different hip hop stations on this site, playing gangsta rap, underground hip hop, turntablism, and everything in between.

Radio Row

The Radio Row website is a database of links to internet radio stations, including a large selection of hip hop stations. The people at Radio Row have done the homework for you, checking out each station and only including what they believe to be the best in their database. They also let you know which sites are streaming audio sites and what software you will need to listen to them, so you don't waste your time going to a radio station that won't play on your computer.

Darnell's Black Radio Guide

Darnell's Guide is full of internet radio resources from stations playing hip hop music all over the world. This site offers you a great chance to check out the international flavor of hip hop and rap and find out what is popular in far flung corners of the globe.

TuneIn Radio

Also available as an iPhone app or Android app, TuneIn Radio offers an impressive selection of streaming radio stations across many different genres and geographic locations. The hip hop radio section contains live streaming of both traditional radio stations in cities like Rochester and Memphis, as well as Internet-only radio stations. There are stations with both current and old school rap, as well as international hip hop.

SHOUTcast Radio

Offering cross-platform software for streaming all sorts of music, SHOUTcast Radio has a section dedicated to hip hop Internet radio stations. Like TuneIn Radio, SHOUTcast offers a range of stations, including both the online streaming versions of traditional local radio stations and Internet-only stations with more eclectic playlist choices. Bitrates, media type, and the number of current listeners are all clearly displayed in the list of available stations.

Hot 108 Jamz

Live from New York, Hot 101 Jamz is a radio station that plays many of the most popular contemporary hip hop songs and artists, including Drake, Young Jeezy and Jay-Z. To listen to the live streaming audio, click on the "Listen" link located near the top-left of the screen. Thousands of listeners tune in every day.

Endless Hip Hop Possibilities

It used to be that you were restricted to the local radio stations in your area. If you lived somewhere that didn't have a sizable hip hop community, you may not have even had a hip hop radio station. Thanks to the rise of the web however, these boundaries have been shattered and there is an increasing variety of hip hop Internet radio stations available at your fingertips. Whether you prefer old school rap with Tupac and Biggie or you like the newer sound of Lil Wayne and Drake, you're bound to find the music you want online.

Hip Hop Internet Radio Stations