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Whether you're interested in pioneering artists like Iron Maiden and Metallica or the latest metal bands, heavy metal MP3 web sites give you the hard-rocking sounds you crave.

Heavy Metal Sub-Genres

While heavy metal is an all-inclusive term for music featuring heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums, it actually includes several sub-genres. Fans looking for heavy metal MP3 web sites may want to narrow their search to:

  • Black metal
  • Christian metal
  • Classic metal
  • Death metal
  • Doom metal
  • Genre-bending combos like rap metal and punk metal
  • Gothic metal
  • Hair metal
  • Progressive metal
  • Scandinavian metal
  • Speed metal
  • Thrash metal

Available Heavy Metal MP3 Web Sites


Artists have recognized the power of social networking sites for connecting with long-time fans while also attracting new listeners. Browse through the metal listings or search for your favorite band. Even if a band doesn't offer downloads, the MySpace streaming player is a great way to sample new music.


eMusic is a digital music retailer offering more than two million songs from independent labels. While it doesn't offer the focused heavy metal selection of some sites, eMusic can help you find great bands that haven't made it into the mainstream along with popular acts on smaller labels. With a 25 download free trial offer, it doesn't cost anything to give the site a try.

Other Sites

  • Look for individual band web sites. Bands on independent labels and unsigned bands are more likely to offer free MP3 downloads because they don't have to worry about corporate oversight of song distribution.
  • Dive Bomber, a San Diego heavy metal band, has posted one album MP3 on the Dive Bomber MySpace page.
  • Rolen offers four MP3s from three different albums, and encourages listeners to spread the files to their heart's content.
  • Urbansnake, a New York metal band, offers several of free song downloads. The files are available in lo-fi and hi-fi versions for easier downloading for dial-up users.
  • Fans of the animated heavy metal band Dethklok can download tracks from the band's MySpace page.
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Heavy Metal MP3 Web Sites