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Add a little island flavor to your listening experience with Hawaiian music downloads.

Finding Hawaiian Music Downloads

While you likely associate hula dances and Don Ho with the songs of Hawaii, Hawaiian music actually represents a wide variety of musical genres and styles, from chanting to hip hop.

  • Calling itself the "Hawaiian Music and Hula Archives", Huapala offers an extensive list of lyrics, with a handful accompanied by downloadable melodies.
  • Israel Kamakawiwo'ole, typically known as "Iz" was one of Hawaii's most well-known artists. Even if they aren't aware of his name, most music fans are familiar with his ukulele-tinged cover of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". His music is available from iTunes, Napster, and RealPlayer.
  • Keali'I Reichel was a popular name in Hawaiian music in the 90s, thanks to his blend of traditional chanting and modern pop sounds. Downloads are available from several popular online music stores for his 2003 release Ke'alaokamaile, 1999's Melelana, Lei Hali'a from 1995, and his 1994 debut, Kawaipunahele.
  • Keola Beamer is a master of the Hawaiian slack-key guitar. He offers a free download of his song Gymnopedie No.1 along with an entire album of streaming audio, so you can enjoy the rest of his work.
  • Like his brother Keola, Kapona Beamer is a noted slack-key guitar player. His site offers audio samples of his music, and his songs are also available through iTunes.
  • Olomana is a classic Hawaiian band from the 1970s. Streaming audio is available for their 1992 release, E Mau Ana Ka Ha'Aheo (Enduring Pride), but there is currently no other way to preview their music. However, if downloads are ever made available, you can be sure MP3.com will post them.
  • Cecilio and Kapono offer a sound MP3.com describes as "laid-back Hawaiian rock." Their self-titled 1988 release is available from several digital music providers, along with Elua and Night Music. Those interested in sampling other albums can check out previews of Goodtimes Together and Summerlust.
  • DJ ELITE, a Hawaiian hip hop and club artist, offers free mix downloads on his MySpace page.
  • Coconut Joe is a Hawaiian band mixing folk, rock, and jazz sounds. Enjoy a 6-song downloadable sampler from their latest release, Middle of the Ocean.
  • Daniel Ho Productions focuses on Hawaiian artists, both modern and traditional. Download samples from featured albums.
  • Hawaii Tunes offers downloads of individual songs and full albums from island artists representing every possible genre.
  • If you're a fan of Hawaiian music downloads, you may also enjoy selections from other islands in the South Pacific.
  • Al Tringali is another musician playing in the slack-key guitar style. He offers two free downloads for new fans.

Online Shopping

Much traditional Hawaiian music has not been released in the MP3 format, and must be purchased on CD collections. If the available Hawaiian music downloads still leave you wanting more, check out the following stores:

These online stores also feature audio samples of many songs, giving you even more chances to listen to music online as you become familiar with the sounds of Hawaii.

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Hawaiian Music Downloads