What Is the Hamster Dance Song?

A Hamster!

The Hamster Dance Song is a peppy little dance tune with minimal lyrics and a catchy chorus consisting of a quick talking hamster. It was based off the pop culture phenomenon website Hampsterdance.com. While most people outwardly cringe at the Hamster Dance song, secretly it is one of those guilty listening pleasure like Aqua's dance song "Barbie Girl".


The Hamster Dance was inspired by the website, Hamsterdance.com, which was originally made in 1998 to compete with another site of a friend's to see who could get the most hits. One year later, The Cuban Boys created "The Hamster Dance" by Hampton the Hamster and used a sample from Whistle Stop by Roger Miller.

There are a few other mixes besides the Radio Edit. The following are The Hamster Dance mixes:

  • Radio Edit
  • Club Mix
  • Extended Mix
  • Snapshot Remix
  • Tom Stevens Remix

The song peaked at #38 on the Canadian pop charts and last two weeks, but fared much better on the Australian charts, hitting #5. Where could it do even better? On Radio Disney, of course! Although it debuted at #16 in 2000, the song lasted on Radio Disney's top 30 countdown for 7 years, finally leaving the countdown in 2007.

Movies Featuring "The Hamster Dance" Song

In 2001, the Hamster Dance Song was featured in See Spot Run with David Arquette and Anthony Anderson. The scene is plays over is the pet store scene where the dog, the kid, and Arquette are trapped in the building as two mob guys try to capture the dog. The other movie was Are We There Yet? starring Ice Cube and Nia Long. Ice Cube and the daughter of the girl he likes are fighting over what kind of music should be played as he drives them to their destination. Ice Cube wants hip-hop and the girl wants bubblegum pop. Ultimately, the girl flips on "The Hamster Dance" and the song plays as they move along.


There are few lyrics to the song. There is one main verse and some lines of talking and then the main chorus, which a combination of "Di"'s and "Deeb"'s and "Do"'s.

YEEHAW!! Here we go. That's it. That's all there is to it.

Alright everybody now here we go. It's a brand new version of the dosido. Just stomp your feet and clap your hands. Come on everybody it's the hamster dance. Bounce in time to the beat. Hey you don't even have to move your feet. Just shake your thang; let me see you move. Now spin it around and feel the groove.

YEEHAA!! Lets try it. You're catching on. YEEHAA!! Terrific.

Come on everybody. Clap your hands. Come on everybody. It's the hamster dance. Come on everybody. Let's Clap you hands. Come on everybody. It's the hamster dance. Here comes the music.

Hampton the Hamster Collection

Hampton the Hamster came out with a few other songs that are actually just as fun. They are on the collection, ''Hamsterdance Hits", and they contain the following songs:

  • The Hamsterdance song (radio edit)
  • Thank God I'm a Country Boy (Yes, it's the John Denver song)
  • Hamster Party
  • Dance to the Music
  • The Hamsterdance Song (extended mix)
  • The Hamsterdance Song (club mix)

Europop Fun

The Hamster Dance song has a great bubblegum Europop, Techno feel. It has a basic beat, simple lyrics and a fun little melody that has stood for almost 10 years. It was popular in 2000 just as it was popular in 2005 and just as it is popular today. After a few listens you'll know the lyrics, much like everyone knows the rap to Ice Ice Baby, and Barbie Girl.

Similar Artists or Music

If you like Europop music like the Hamster Dance song, then check out music from the following artists:

  • Aqua: Barbie, Candyman
  • Toybox: Tarzan and Jane
  • Vengaboys: We Like to Party. They are also featured on the Six Flags commercial.
  • Hannah Montana. Fun pop songs.
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What Is the Hamster Dance Song?