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List of Halloween Sound Effects

Karen Frazier
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Halloween sound effects can set the scene for a great Halloween party or serve as a spooky backdrop when trick-or-treaters come to the door. These sound effects are easy to find in various formats, from free downloads to purchased CDs.

Haunted House Sound Effects

Halloween is the time of year when ghosts and goblins come out to play. These sound effects are a great backup for ghostly gatherings and haunted houses.

Free Downloads

  • Sobbing woman: A woman crying, sounding afraid.
  • Ghost child's voice: Free effect featuring a spooky child calling for mama.
  • Clock: A clock striking midnight.
  • Ghostly phrases: Multiple free recordings of creepy voices including wails, cries, and common ghost phrases such as "Get out!"
  • Haunted house: Free compilation of haunted house noises.
  • Ghosts: Free track with multiple ghost voices.

Paid Tracks

  • Footsteps: Sound effect of ghostly footsteps for under a dollar.
  • Doors: The sound of a door creaking that costs less than two dollars.
  • Ghostly chains: Thunder claps and ghostly chain sounds for about a dollar.
  • Goblin voices: Different creepy vocals for just under $1.
  • One hour of haunted effects: A downloadable MP3 that costs less than a dollar but features an hour of wails, moans, laughter, thumps, and other sounds associated with a haunted house.

Frightening Creatures

All kinds of spooky creatures come out on Halloween. Use these sound effects of monsters, witches, and werewolves, among others.

Free Downloads

Paid Tracks

  • Bats: Paid recording of bat vocalizations that costs around $3.
  • Werewolf: Collection of paid werewolf sound effects that cost around $3 each.
  • Zombies: Two zombies star in this soundtrack that costs less than a dollar (or you can download the entire album of 80 zombie sound effects for less than $10).
  • Witch cackles: Collection of MP3s featuring witch cackles that cost about a dollar each.
  • Skeleton: Rattling bones for less than a dollar.

Spooky Sounds

Halloween has other spooky sounds, from alien crafts to thunderstorms.

Free Downloads

  • Alien ship: Free track of a rocket that could be used as a UFO effect.
  • Pulse: A dark, pulsing sound.
  • Halloween vocals: Free track featuring a group of spooky voices saying scary things.
  • Storm: An assortment of rain and thunder sounds.

Paid Tracks

  • Droning: A pulsing, droning sound. You need to purchase credits for sounds on this site for around $2 per sound.
  • Howling wind: Paid sound effect of wind howling that costs less than a dollar

Albums and Apps

You can save some time by downloading or purchasing an entire album of sound effects for Halloween, or take a look for mobile apps that contain great sounds. Some to consider include:

Where to Use Halloween Sound Effects

Once you've gathered a collection of sound effects for Halloween, you can put them to good use in a variety of ways! Make sure that all of your sounds are in the same format, and then put them together in a play list or on a CD so that you can take your sound effects with you.

  • Haunted Houses - Haunted houses are a staple of Halloween celebrations. Use scary sounds to set the right atmosphere. Consider playing certain eerie sounds at key stops in the haunted house, suddenly and loudly, for maximum impact.
  • Background music on Halloween night - When trick-or-treaters come to your door, treat them to some Halloween sounds. Save the really scary ones for later in the evening, when the very small children have already finished going door-to-door.
  • At a Halloween party - Halloween sounds make the perfect "filler" between Halloween-themed songs at a party. Intersperse your sound effects among the songs you've chosen to play to make sure that the theme of the party is carried out throughout the evening.
  • On your answering service - If you're not taking serious business calls, use your Halloween sounds as part of your message on your telephone or cell phone answering service. If you're able to upload your own ring tones, that's another great use for your sound effects.
  • As background music for a slideshow, video, or photo presentation - You could use these sound effects to create a fun video of your family's Halloween night, or put together a slideshow of photos that incorporates background sounds.

An Eerie Halloween

No matter what you use the sound effects for, Halloween clips can be lots of fun to download or purchase, and play. Challenge yourself to find different ways to use these sounds to make your Halloween even eerier!

List of Halloween Sound Effects