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If you want to use music as a way to praise, then Gospel music lyrics are what you need. Gospel lyrics are used by church choirs for worship, and they are also part of many family gatherings and sing a longs. You might not find gospel music lyrics as easily as you find top 40 music lyrics, but there are still a number of resources you can turn to on the internet to get the music lyrics you need.

Finding Gospel Music Lyrics

As with traditional country music lyrics, there are many scholarly resources through which you can find gospel lyrics. The music libraries of major universities, university cultural studies departments, and major university folk art departments are all good place to start your search. These departments will usually have extensive databases of music lyrics relating to one specific geographic region or one specific time period. Another scholarly place to try is the Folkways Project through the Smithsonian Museum. The Folkways project catalogs American folk music, of which gospel music is a major part.

These resources are great places to find old, very traditional gospel music and more obscure gospel music lyrics, but they are not the only choices you have. The following websites all have databases of gospel lyrics you can access, so you are sure to find the songs you want:

  • Gospel Song Lyrics is another user friendly site. It's easy to search database has lyrics to many of Gospel music's best known songs. If you don't see the lyrics to the songs you want, you are invited to email the webmaster to request them personally.
  • #1 Gospel Lyrics is a one stop shop for all of your gospel needs. From gospel lyrics to gospel CDs and DVDs, the site has it all. The lyric database is still in the growing stages, but there is a request function where you can appeal to other users for the gospel lyrics you need.
  • A-Z Music Lyrics is one of those lyric databases that has a little bit of everything, including gospel lyrics. The lyrics that are included on this website are included based on the popularity of the song (and the popularity of that song as a search term), so don't expect to find too many obscure things here.
  • Straight Lyrics also has a searchable gospel music lyric database and specializes in gospel that is derived from African American traditions. The site also offers some insight on the origins and evolution of African American gospel.
  • Gospel Music Lyrics features gospel lyrics as well as many other resources for gospel music fans. There is a message board, a store for ordering gospel music books and church supplies, gospel music DVDs and much more. You can browse their lyric database, check out gospel music clips and videos, and if you know some gospel lyrics that are not included on the site, you can add them to the database to help other gospel music fans.
  • Christian Gospel Music Lyrics has a database that is divided into a few different categories: Gospel Song Lyrics, Contemporary Christian Song Lyrics, Praise and Worship Song Lyrics and Christian Rock Song Lyrics. In addition to browsing the lyrics in those categories, you can check out their Christian Resources section of the site that features links to everything from Christian radio sites to Christian dating sites.
  • Gospel Lyrics World claims to have the web's biggest archive of gospel lyrics, and whether or not that is accurate, they are definitely prepared to deliver any lyric you need. If you can't find the gospel lyrics you are looking for on their website, you can email the site operators, and they promise to track down your song for you.

About Gospel Music

Much like country music and folk music, gospel music is considered more than a popular music form. Gospel music is an intrinsic part of a culture, and many people study the lyrics to gospel music songs as a way of learning about past generations and the way they experienced life and chronicled the major events of their times. Gospel music is also a living history of different belief systems and the evolving nature of religion and religious worship.

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Sites for Gospel Music Lyrics