List of Funny Holiday Songs

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With every holiday, whether it is Kwanzaa, St. Patrick's Day, or Christmas, there is a song that comes with it. And, with every holiday song, there is a parody of that song. Talented recording artists have even written original funny holiday songs. These hilarious musical gems give people yet another reason to rejoice when holidays arrive.

Present Face

Present Face by Garfunkel and Oates gives you a humorous look at those presents that don't totally meet expectations. Using their signature sound, your guaranteed to chuckle listening to their rendition of what happens when you open that horrible gift.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Elmo & Patsy take you through the hilarious dangers of drinking too much egg nogg when old Saint Nick comes a calling. Listen to how Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.

Christmas at Ground Zero

Follow the king of parody, "Weird Al" Yankovic as he takes you through Christmas at Ground Zero. Using an upbeat holiday tune, Weird Al takes you through the final moments of a nuclear war. The juxapositioning of the lively tune and holiday theme with the content of nuclear war are guaranteed to give you a laugh.

The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)

The high-voice and sweetness of the Chipmunks is guaranteed to make you smile. Add to it their fun loving style and Dave screaming for Alvin, The Chipmunk Song is a something kids and adults can definitely relate to as they wait for Christmas.

Redneck 12 Days of Christmas

Join reckneck royalty Jeff Foxworthy as he takes you through the 12 days of a redneck Christmas. Foxworthy rounds out his redneck Christmas with shotgun shells, mud tires and lots of flannel.

Santa Claus Is Tapping Your Phone

Did you ever wonder how Santa knows everything? He's tapping your phone of course. Explore this fun rendition of Santa Claus Is Tapping Your Phone.

Deck the Malls

You might be decking the halls, but this rendition is decking the malls. To the tune of Deck the Halls, Deck the Malls breaks down how Christmas is taking over the holiday season and not even letting the turkey have his day. Have a little giggle with this fun parody!

Jingle Bells (Batman Smells)

- is a fun kids song that is enjoyed by millions. Now add a smelly Batman and a running Robin and you have a guaranteed chuckle!

I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

Santa is supposed to bring the presents not kiss your mom! Get a chuckle listening as one boy witnesses his mom kissing Santa under the mistletoe.

White Trash Christmas

Bob Rivers is excited for a White Trash Christmas in his trailerpark. Complete with decorating the trailer and kissing cousins, this hilarious song is sung to the melody of White Christmas.

Hanukkah Tunes

You might not think of laughter when you think of celebrating Hanukkah, but these Hanukkah songs show you just how fun and funny this holiday can be. There are entire songs dedicated to learning how to spell the name for the festival of lights and even parodies set to popular chart-topping tunes. One of the most famous original tunes is the Hannukkah Song.

Hanukkah Song

Adam Sandler introduced this holiday classic in the '90s during his stint on Saturday Night Live. Sandler takes a comical look at another winter holiday: the Jewish celebration called the Feast of Dedication or Hanukkah, which dates back to ancient Israel. The song became such a hit that even those unfamiliar with Judaism embraced the song's lyrics enthusiastically.


Jeff Marx, the creator of the irreverent hit Broadway show Avenue Q, accomplishes two things with this clever song. He pokes fun at the clumsy way that Caucasian people try to show respect for Kwanzaa, and he performs an earnest and warm-hearted musical tribute to African-American culture in White Kwanzaa.

Valentine's Day

Creepy Todd's Valentine's Day Song is a hilarious and inventive take on the traditional romantic serenade -- so much so that only a video viewing does it justice.

St. Patrick's Day

This Irish version of Danny Boy performed for St. Patrick's Day by The Muppets might be one of the funniest holiday song performances of all time.


Gene Autry, the country singer and songwriter responsible for the legendary holiday song Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, also penned a cute little Easter song that is charming, amusing, and a fun diversion from the usual holiday fare. Like all good country songs, it also tells an entertaining story that both children and adults can enjoy.

The 4th of July

Proud patriotic songs are fantastic, but sometimes it helps to lighten the mood.

No More Kings

Pavement's No More Kings uses a creative dose of indie rock to tell the story of America's independence.

Happy 4th of July Song

Dr. Chorizo's quirky Happy Fourth of July Song takes a comedic and slightly nostalgic look at the way Americans celebrate their independence each year.


While this holiday is more about fun costumes and lots of candy, there are also some fantastic tunes associated with Halloween thanks mostly to Hollywood.

Monster Mash

Boris Pickett's Monster Mash is a holiday favorite. You'll be mashing monsters and smashing graveyards in this spooky classic.


Some of the funniest Halloween-themed songs have come from blockbuster films like the song Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr. Learn what is strange in the neighborhood.

This Is Halloween

This is Halloween by Danny Elfman and preformed by Marilyn Manson comes from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Listen to this fun little song that celebrates Halloween and the pumpkin king.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Not everyone enjoys holidays when they come around. In fact, some holiday seasons are difficult for people for various reasons. This is what makes funny holiday songs wonderful. They allow a person to lighten up, make fun of themselves and their culture a little, and, the most important thing of all, laugh.

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List of Funny Holiday Songs