Resources for Free Korean Music Downloads

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Korean music covers a wide variety of genres from traditional folk songs to current rock music. Korean Pop, or "KPop" music is also becoming popular with mainstream audiences. Finding free and safe downloads can be tricky, but there are several websites offering Korean music tracks at no cost.

Find Free Downloads of Korean Music

If you're looking to add some Korean songs to your playlist try one of the following sites for free downloads.

AL Tools

AL Tools is easy to use and you can sample all available songs before downloading. Join users in the forum to discuss the tracks as well as other Korean musical styles. They offer three entire albums for free download including a rock, acoustic and classic Korean music album.

Last FM

Last FM is one of the go-to sites for any music fan looking for free songs in almost all genres. Here you'll find a vast selection of Korean music in styles that include KPop, hard core and even some Korean classics. Registration is not required to enjoy the services at Last FM, though creating an account will give you a more customized search experience along with recommended songs based on your download history. All songs are in MP3 format and can be downloaded with one click.

Korean Reloaded

Find singles from some of Korea's hottest stars at Korean Reloaded. The site lists links to modern Korean artists offering free downloads in alphabetical order and includes such artists as Younha, JYJ (Junsu, Jejung & Yoochun) and 2PM.

Free Korean Music Streaming

It can be difficult to find legal and safe sites for free downloads, so listeners can choose to listen to music for free at music streaming web sites.


Listen to a mix of current and classic Korean music streaming from the online radio station found at Cast. This site offers music free over the Internet from a station in Seoul.


Check-out KBS to hear the current Korean Top 40 tunes. This site allows users to convert the website into their native language for easy navigation for non-Korean speaking listeners. They offer various ways to access their stream including an app for mobile devices.

TBS 95.1

Listen to TBS 95.1 out of Seoul for the latest KPOP music and some Korean news. They offer links to additional radio shows that can be listened to via their site, most of which are music based.

Browse Before You Buy

Free music downloads can help you discover new music and artists, and this is especially true when branching out into different genres. For anyone who is just beginning to explore Korean music these sites offer a way to sample new tracks without spending a cent. When you find an artist that you enjoy, you can then expand your collection by purchasing songs and albums. Additionally, sites offering a free music stream or radio station will give you an excellent cross section of Korean music that you can listen to anywhere.

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Resources for Free Korean Music Downloads