Are There Free Downloads for Disney Theme Park Music?

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Although there is no website where you can legally obtain free downloads of Disney theme park music, there are a couple of inexpensive and convenient ways to find songs from the 'Happiest Place on Earth.' Whether you want the soundtrack for a specific attraction in one of Disney's four major theme parks or you simply want to browse and re-live a wide range of theme park music, try one of these options.

Paid Downloads

Much of Disney's theme park music is available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon for the typical price of $.99 per track. Thankfully, a site called Park Tunes has compiled a user-friendly list of these songs with links so that fans do not have to spend hours searching the libraries of digital stores. The site has an ingenious design that allows you to search for music first by theme park, then a specific location within that theme park, as follows:

Streaming Sites

If your heart is not set on owning a copy of a particular theme park song, you can listen to virtually every theme park recording, from the 1956 recorded greeting at Disneyland's Main Gate ticket kiosk to the loops that is played over the speakers while you're waiting in line at Space Mountain, at specialized streaming sites. The following sites offer the most comprehensive streaming services devoted to Disney theme parks:


If you prefer customizable radio playlists and social media interaction, including the sharing of playlists between users, then D-Cot is the way to go. The site is free but it requires you to sign up and create a profile before you can use their service.

The Magic of Music and Disney

Walt Disney had the right combination from the beginning: create an amusement park that combines the power of music with theme-based environments that spark the imagination. Not only do the songs at Disney theme parks have catchy melodies and superb songwriting, they come with the added psychological element of memory association. The moment you hear When You Wish Upon A Star, you suddenly find yourself strolling down Main Street U.S.A. with your family on a warm summer evening. Such joyful nostalgia is the reason why people have created so many ways to enjoy Disney theme park music.

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Are There Free Downloads for Disney Theme Park Music?