Where to Download Free Karaoke Music


Do you need to download free karaoke music to get your party started? From classic tracks to the newest hits, there are lots of sites that offer free downloads for karaoke. Take your time and browse through each site, choosing songs that will fill your own personal playlist of favorites.

Download Free Karaoke Music

Before you begin downloading your tunes, be aware that most karaoke music files end in the .kar file extension. While there are often other options available, this file format is the one that is universally compatible with most standard karaoke equipment. Make sure to download the right format for your own karaoke player.

Karaoke Version

Karaoke Version offers a wide variety of karaoke music organized by decade. You can search by genre or by language, and you can even find a handful of duets. If you're hosting a Christmas or children's party you'll have plenty to choose from, and there are also French pop songs, soft rock, Latin tunes, traditional songs, and more.

Free Karaoke

Free Karaoke boasts a catalog of nearly 2000 songs, all categorized for easy searching. Search by genre and the first letter of the singer or band's name. Find songs by artists like ABBA, Alanis Morissette, Whitney Houston, and more. You can browse the catalog or click the search button to find something specific.

Karioke Bar

This site offers something a little different - try karaoke for free without investing in expensive karaoke equipment. You can sing along with the provided lyrics using the site's own music tracks online. Search by theme or alphabetically by song or artist name at Karioke Bar. You can also find songs by typing in a keyword or looking through lists of the top artists or music legends, or even search by lyrics. You may need a plug-in first from QuickTime, Windows, or WinAmp, and you will need the latest version of Adobe Flash in order to enjoy the online karaoke at this site. For the best karaoke experience, make sure you have some high quality computer speakers set up as well.

Sing Snap

You'll need to register to take advantage of what Sing Snap has to offer, but it's free. This site is like a karaoke party in itself. You can record your performances for other members to enjoy, or watch some of theirs. The catch is, some songs are free to sing and others require a gold membership. You'll also be able to see which of the songs are the most popular.

Enjoy Your Karaoke

Whether you're practicing for a singing competition or throwing a party for guests to show off their singing skills, you'll love being able to add to your collection of songs for free. Bookmark these sites for instant access to fulfill requests, or to return and continue browsing to add to your growing collection of karaoke tracks.

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Where to Download Free Karaoke Music