Where to Download Free Hindi MP3 Songs


Hindi music, in its most basic definition, is Indian music of various styles recorded in the Hindi language. India's musical influence has seeped into Western culture, finding its way into everything from John Coltrane's jazz and the music of George Harrison from The Beatles' fame to Jay-Z and American hip-hop. You can sample a variety of Hindi tracks by downloading free mp3s from a wide range of websites.

Places to Download Hindi Music

The following sites offer the most variety of free downloads with a mixture of independent Hindi artists and more famous ones:

  • ReverbNation: This site offers nearly 170 independent Hindi artists of various styles who each have one or more free mp3s to download from their profiles. No sign-up is required to search profiles and download mp3s, but signing up for a free account gives you the chance to interact with your favorite artists.
  • Last.FM: With close to 130 free mp3s of Hindi songs, including radio shows from India featuring some of the best mainstream Hindi artists, this site has it all. No sign-up is required to enjoy the free music.
  • FMA: All of the tracks in the Free Music Archive's India-themed section are free. Hindi experimental pop artist Ami Dang offers several free tracks, which will treat the listener to some of the most interesting music on the planet with its dizzying mix of styles. In addition to professionally performed Hindi music, FMA also has dozens of "field recordings" from India that immerse the listener in folk Hindi as performed by common people on the street or in temples.
  • Shreya Ghoshal: Ghoshal is one of the most popular Hindi singers in the industry today, and this site offers free legal downloads of many of her songs. No sign-up is required if you download the "regular" version of the mp3, which has a standard bit rate and sounds great.
  • Lata Mangeshkar: A legendary singer in Indian culture, you can download over a dozen of her songs which were featured in numerous Bollywood films.

The Future of Hindi Music

Hindi music is inextricably linked to Bollywood so, as India's film industry grows, so does Hindi music. Because of this the future of Hindi music is bright. As major Western film studios invest in Bollywood, there are also investing in India's music industry. Expect to see more Hindi music finding its way into Western culture in the decades to come.

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Where to Download Free Hindi MP3 Songs