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Contemporary Country Music Song Lyrics

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The stereotypical image of country music song lyrics includes beer drinking, pick-up trucks, and cheating wives. Become more familiar with the wide range of topics and musical styles found within the diverse country genre by browsing the following lyric sites.

Finding Lyrics to Your Favorite Country Songs

Any Country Music Lyrics

Like most music lyric websites, Country Music Lyrics offers a fully searchable database of lyrics and an alphabetical artist listing for browsing. The front page can help you find interesting new songs with a section for the latest additions to the site, featured artists, and a list of the most popular songs.

Cowboy Lyrics

Cowboy Lyrics lets you search for a specific artist or browse by letter. The alphabetization leaves something to be desired, so you may find an artist listed under his or her first or last name. Clicking on links takes you to available lyrics organized by album. Select songs also include guitar tabs. Oddly enough, not all artists listed on the site are typically considered country artists. For instance, the O page includes links to Olivia Newton-John and Joan Osborne. However, you can still find your favorite country stars, from Martina McBride to Alan Jackson. The site offers a clean layout, and despite the preponderance of ads, they are generally not obtrusive. Look to the updates section for news on the latest music lyrics added to the site.

Goodwin Music Co.

Goodwin Music Co. bills itself as "Country's #1 Resource" and it certainly is a helpful resource when it comes to country-related content, from news briefs to sheet music and lyrics. The site's selection of lyrics isn't as extensive as many other sites, but it still includes songs from the heavy hitters in the industry like Willie Nelson and Clint Black. Some lyrics are hosted on the Goodwin Music Co. site and others are provided by The Roughstock Network. In addition to lyrics, the site also offers guitar chords and tabs. While this makes for a more comprehensive site, the chords are included with the lyrics in artist listings, making browsing a bit more complicated.

Individual Artist Sites

If you're just interested in the lyrics of a specific artist or group, an individual site, whether an official site or a fan-created effort, can be a great place to start your search. You'll have a better chance of finding every song released by the artist on a dedicated site. The site owners will also have a larger interest in making sure the lyrics are correct. Just search for the name of singers or bands to find available sites dedicated to their work.

Lyrics Mania

While you can also search for any artist or song, or browse the site's entire collection of lyrics by artist name, the Lyrics Mania country music song lyrics page includes an extensive list of country artists, from Aaron Lines to The Wreckers. On each artist's page, you can view lyrics by album or switch to an alphabetical listing of all released songs. The site uses its affiliation with Artist Direct to include biographical information on each artist, along with links to video and music clips, when available. Lyrics Mania also offers users a chance to submit their own lyrics or request lyrics they'd like to see on the site. features a special country music song lyrics page. The page highlights the top 20 country songs, according to Billboard, with links to lyrics. Some of the songs are so new, they aren't yet included on the site, and they include a link to submit your own lyrics. Users are also encouraged to send in corrections if they find mistakes in lyrics. Outside of the featured top 20 list, country music fans will have to browse the artist listings or search for a specific song to find their favorite lyrics.

Never Sing the Wrong Words Again

With so many lyric websites posting the words to country songs, you're virtually guaranteed to find the song you're looking for. Take some time to explore them, and learn the right lyrics to your favorite songs so you can sing them out loud with confidence.

Contemporary Country Music Song Lyrics