Where to Get Free Downloads of Country Music

Country music

From traditional country music to honky tonk and bluegrass, fans have a lot to choose from when it comes to free country music downloads. Naturally, the newest and most mainstream country music is easier to find online, but with a little digging, even the most traditional of country fans can find their favorites for free on the internet.

Where to Find Free Country Downloads

Whether you are a lifelong country music fan or you just want to explore the genre, try the following websites to find free downloads of country music. Each site is unique in its offerings and can give you a variety of tracks to enhance your digital music collection.

Artist Direct

Artist Direct features a wide selection of music and videos from top country artists such as Taylor Swift, Toby Keith, Alison Krauss, Sugarland, and The Band Perry. In addition to free music downloads, you can also download photos and purchase new song releases.


At Last.fm, you will find free country music downloads from artists such as Pony Bravo, Workingman, Jami Taylor, Chairs, and Reservoir Dogs. This site covers a variety of styles from bluegrass to alternative country. You will even find a good selection of free classic country downloads.

Country Weekly Magazine

If you are eager to get your hands on new tracks before anybody else, it is worth visiting Country Weekly Magazine on a regular basis to see if there are new songs available to download. Artists often like to release a digital single from a new or upcoming album, and Country Weekly offers these songs for free to encourage fans to purchase the full album.


Sure, Amazon has a great selection of MP3 music for purchase, but many people do not know that they also offer free tracks in numerous genres, including country music downloads. Artists who are both established and emerging often give away songs to promote their albums. Country fans can browse Amazon's free offerings and perhaps discover a new favorite artist.

Free Music Archive

When you visit the country music section of the Free Music Archive, you will find many free downloads from independent country artists. You can browse through a wide range of styles, including Americana, punk-influenced country, and folk-influenced country. By giving these bands a listen and spreading the word about what you like, you will be helping to support independent country music.

More Music Options

If you would like to get a free download of a specific song by a country artist, you can also visit the artist's official website. Some country artists feature free music and videos on their sites. Another option is to visit a site such as AOL's Slacker Radio, where you can search for your favorite artist or song and listen to free music or watch videos of the top stars in country music. This is a great option if you would prefer not to purchase an album until you are sure you will enjoy most of the tracks.

Something for Everyone

Country music has changed a great deal over the years, diversifying into a number of different styles. The digital age makes it easier than ever for country fans of all kinds to discover and download music that suits their tastes, helping to ensure that country music will continue to thrive in today's age of high technology.

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Where to Get Free Downloads of Country Music