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Like any multi-layered art form, writing good lyrics takes years of practice. Find new ways to approach and refine your craft with helpful tips for each part of the process. Keep reading »

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Song Lyrics
Get the lowdown on the lyrics by Colbie Caillat and more

Song Lyrics - The Story Behind The Music

Music or Lyrics?

Are you a music person or a lyric person? While some music fans are hooked by a good beat, for others, loving music is all about loving the song lyrics. A good song lyric can make you laugh, make you cry, make you fall in love, make you fall out of love and make you want to do it all again. Some lyrics tell a story and some are just silly, but they're all an important part of that magic little element that makes people fall head over heels for a song.

Don't Flub Your Lines

Of course, knowing the right song lyrics is an issue at the heart of many cool points - and party fouls. Being able to sing along with the latest hits might show off your musical prowess, but how would you like to be the poor schlub who was the first to belt out excuse me while I kiss this guy during Purple Haze? (For the record, Jimi Hendrix was kissing THE SKY.)

Lyric Resources

To that end, if you're a lyric lover, the Music channel has got you covered. Need to know the words to your favorite TV theme songs? Want to rap along with Flo Rida or croon along with Taylor Swift? No sweat. These articles on song lyrics will clue you in to the stories behind the lyrics and all of the best places to find the answer to that age old question: "WHAT did they just say?!?". Whether you want to pore over your favorite musicians' lyrics to get a clue about what makes them tick or you just want to avoid another embarrassing karaoke party lyric flub, you'll find everything you need right here.

Song Lyrics