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Taylor Swift

See your favorite music stars in these LoveToKnow music slideshows.

Music and Fashion

Music and fashion have always gone hand in hand. British Invasion. Disco. Glam. Punk. New Romantic. Hip hop. Goth. Name a music genre and chances are you can describe the fashion associated with it. In fact, next time you're in a record store, indulge in a few rounds of a favorite game of record store employees - trying to guess which section of the store someone is going to shop in based on what they are wearing. You'll soon see how closely fashion sense and music fandom are intertwined.

Of course, this kind of fashion inspiration comes from the musicians themselves. How would punk fans have dressed without the example of The Sex Pistols? Who to credit but Adam Ant for the New Romantic fashion craze? Certainly the stars of the disco world have a lot to answer for. But as music fans, what better way to get some fashion inspiration than checking out some photos of your favorite artists in action?

A Variety of Music Slideshows

That is what led to the creation of music slideshows at LoveToKnow's Music channel. Music darlings Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry grace the slideshow list now, but more of music's best and up-and-coming will be added in the coming months.

Check back often to see if your favorite musician or band makes the list of slideshows - or leave a comment about who you'd like to see more photos of!

Music Slideshows