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Music Genres
Folk music is just one genre of music you can learn about here.

Just as everyone has a personal taste in books and fashion, each person has his or her favorite music genres. You may be surprised to see how different genres got their start and how they mesh with others.

Music Genres Explained

It can be easy to assume that "music genres" means rock, hip-hop, country, world or classical, but there is so much more to it than that. The truth is that music genres are really like a big tree that links all music together. If you dig into the genres and learn their histories, you will learn where bossa nova meets American jazz meets indie rock meets dance music or how the unlikely bedfellows of rock and opera came together to create modern music classics like Tommy and Bohemian Rhapsody.

Your Music History Lesson

In fact, in many ways, the story of music genres is the story of music. People being fed up with the sound and excesses associated with the disco genre sparked the birth of the punk music genre. Punk in turn gave way to new wave, goth and post-punk music. Even seemingly disparate genres like country and R&B are linked by tracing their roots back to early blues music. In the world music scene, you can discover the folk music traditions of groups from all over the world and trace the influences of the music of other cultures.

Ready to start your music history lesson? Here you'll find the information you need to know to really understand where your music comes from and how it's all connected. Learning about genres is a great way to discover new music, start digging into the past and uncovering some new favorite sounds.

Music Genres