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Music artists range from solo performers to symphony orchestras. Some artists just write songs, some only play the instruments, and some sing and dance while others write their lyrics. No matter what their role, music artists create the music we listen to.

Best-Selling Music Artists

It's almost impossible to determine the best-selling musicians in the world. Album sales are poorly tracked in some countries and can only be reliably counted for the past few decades. Marketing plays a role in the popularity as well. A band with a poor marketing budget will sell fewer albums than one with an entire marketing team behind their business, regardless of talent.

Three artists commonly cited as top-selling artists in the world are The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Extend the list a little further and you will see names like Madonna, Frank Sinatra and ABBA. These artists have sold million of albums and their popularity has endured for many years.

Most Popular Music Artists

Is it fair to say Michael Jackson is more popular than Beethoven? The classical composers such as Bach and Mozart did not sell records or have record contracts to sign, yet their works are still being recorded to this day, centuries after their death. Who is more popular?

In the end, music is a personal affair. Music artists speak to different people in many different ways. Your own tastes guide you to certain bands regardless of popularity. Even if Blue October hasn't sold millions of albums, there is still a loyal fanbase who love their songs regardless of record sales.

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