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Bluegrass Gospel Song Lyrics


Bluegrass gospel song lyrics may not be as easy to come by on the internet as the lyrics to Top 40 hits, but with a little digging, you can find some great online resources to have you singing along with that sweet old time music.

About Bluegrass Gospel Music

Bluegrass music and gospel music have always been inexorably intertwined. Both musical styles were born in the same environment, and there has been much crossover between the genres over the years.

Bluegrass music is often associated with Kentucky - the "bluegrass state" - but in reality, the music has its deepest roots in Appalachia. Scottish and Irish immigrants to the U.S. who settled in the Appalachian region brought with them their rich musical traditions, and Scots folk and Irish folk music was the basis from which what is now known as bluegrass was developed. These influences are obvious in the instrumentation common in bluegrass music - fiddle, banjo, harmonica - and in the playing style. As is typical in Scottish and Irish traditional music, most bluegrass songs give each instrument its own "feature" or "jam" to play independently.

One interesting fact of note about bluegrass music is that contrary to popular belief, it is actually quite a new form of music. Bluegrass often gets lumped into the category of folk music, and many bluegrass songs thematically take a cue from old time music and traditional folk music. However, most musicologists agree that bluegrass music in its true form did not appear on the scene until the mid 1940s, and that in recorded form, bluegrass was not around until well after World War II. Although music that predates that period is sometimes called bluegrass music, purists argue that this tag is incorrect.

The mixture of bluegrass and gospel comes from many sources. First of all, the area in which bluegrass developed, the Appalachian region, has a strong sense of Christian faith, and the religious beliefs of the musicians crept into the songs thematically. Gospel music - which is a distinct subgenre of Christian music and not simply another name for Christian music - has its roots in the African American community, especially the African American community in the American South. Early bluegrass musicians had a great deal of exposure to gospel music and naturally there was some give and take between the genres.

Although gospel and bluegrass have always shared some common grounds, in recent years a specific genre of bluegrass music called bluegrass gospel has developed. Bluegrass gospel is lyrically focused on Christian themes, naturally, and musically, it favors vocal harmonization. It is becoming more and more common for bluegrass groups to focus on bluegrass gospel exclusively rather than incorporate gospel music into their standard bluegrass repertoire.

Bluegrass Gospel Song Lyrics

Whether you're looking for new material for your bluegrass group or new music for your church service, these websites have all of the bluegrass gospel music lyrics you need. Just click on any link, and you'll go straight to that page:

  • Bluegrass Lyrics - The name says it all for this website. They have a huge database of bluegrass lyrics, and even though the site is not dedicated specifically to bluegrass gospel, you can find plenty of lyrics that fit the bill.
  • Pine Net - Unlike the first site, the emphasis here is specifically on bluegrass gospel, although there are some standard Christian and gospel songs thrown in for good measure. There are also links to allow you to listen to many of the songs listed on this site.

Your Bluegrass Gospel Lyrics Suggestions

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Bluegrass Gospel Song Lyrics