Where to Find the Barbie Girl MP3 Download


Love the song or hate it, Barbie Girl MP3 downloads are extremely popular. This track by Aqua hit the dance charts hard, and has since become a staple of mixtapes and playlists around the globe. The good news is that there are plenty of places online to snag yourself a download of this downright contagious MP3.

Where to Download Barbie Girl

The following sites all offer Barbie Girl MP3 downloads. Some of the sites offer free downloads while others have MP3 downloads that are available for purchase. You can also stream the track as well as the video, or pick up ringtones and karaoke versions of the song.

  • Last FM - Purchase the MP3 through Amazon MP3, or watch the video
  • Wippit - Free download, or purchase the ringtone
  • Last FM Dutch version - Stream Dutch version or purchase it with Amazon MP3
  • MP3 Raid - Download multiple versions of the song and its parodies
  • Air MP3 - Free downloading or streaming

A Great Dance Track for Your Collection

Barbie Girl is not the kind of song music fans can have lukewarm feelings about; you either adore it ot loathe it. What no one can dispute is that Aqua pulled off a tremendous coup with the international success of this song. Euro-pop acts seldom crack the charts in their own countries, and when they do, their popularity seldom extends outside continental Europe. Dance tracks in general have a very short shelf life, and the continuing popularity of Barbie Girl is an achievement few can claim. Since the 1997 release of Barbie Girl, the song has been kept alive as a club standard in nightclubs around the world.

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Where to Find the Barbie Girl MP3 Download