Adam Sandler Songs

Adam Sandler's songs have earned him two Grammy nods

Adam Sandler songs became the highlight of his tenure at Saturday Night Live, and post SNL, his songs have remained as popular as ever. The problem for most fans is deciding which Adam Sandler song is their favorite.

About Adam Sandler

Born September 9, 1966 in Brooklyn, New York, Adam Richard Sandler spent most of his young life in Manchester, New Hampshire. After high school, he returned to New York to attend college at NYU. While in college, he became a regular on the NYC comedy club circuit. His life during this time would go on to inspire many of the characters he would create in the future.

Sandler had a recurring role on The Cosby Show in the 1987-1988 season playing Theo's friend Smitty. He also had a brief stint on the MTV show Remote Control. However, it was while he was on stage at a New York comedy club that his big break came. Saturday Night Live cast member Dennis Miller happened to be in the audience one night during one of Sandler's sets. Miller was so impressed with Sandler that he recommended that SNL boss Lorne Michaels consider him for the show. Sandler was brought on as a writer in 1990, but it soon became apparent that his place was in front of the camera. Sandler moved from behind the desk to featured player in 1991.

Sandler created many memorable characters and took part in many recurring sketches during his time at SNL, including Opera Man, Hub's Gyros, The Gap Girls, Canteen Boy, Zagat's and The Denise Show. However, Adam Sandler songs were the main attraction of his Saturday Night Live career.

Sandler left SNL in 1995 and went on to a successful film career. He starred in many of his productions, including Happy Gilmore, The Waterboy and Billy Madison. He also continued to release comedy albums that featured some of his SNL comedy song classics as well as new Sandler songs.

Adam Sandler Songs

Adam Sandler songs can be found on his comedy album releases:

They're All Gonna Laugh At You!

Released in 1993, this album features many of Sandler's SNL cast mates. It was nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Album and has since gone double platinum. Two of Sandler's SNL songs appear on this album:

  • Lunchlady Land
  • The Thanksgiving Song

What The Hell Happened To Me?

This 1996 release features Sandler's most popular song, The Chanukah Song. First performed on SNL, The Chanukah Song remains in holiday radio rotation to this day. Sandler has followed it up with two updated versions, expounding on his list of Jewish people in show business.

What The Hell Happened To Me? went to number 80 on the Billboard Charts, an unusual accomplishment for a comedy album. It has also gone double platinum.

What's Your Name?

Released in 1997, this album is unique among Sandler's albums in that it is made up entirely of music with no comedic routines. The album was less successful than previous Sandler releases, but did achieve gold sales status. Some of the well known songs from this album are:

  • The Bad Boyfriend
  • Red Hooded Sweatshirt

Stan and Judy's Kid

Sandler returned to the mix of music and comedy for this 1999 album. Although this album was ultimately less successful than the first two Sandler albums - it also went gold - it set a record for first week sales of a comedy record when it moved over 80,000 units in the week of release. It was nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Album. There was no lead single for this album like previous releases, but She Comes Home To Me is the best known song from this record.

Shh…Don't Tell

Sandler brought back many of his fellow SNL alum for this 2004 album, but the star power failed to help it move copies. In terms of sales, it is Sandler's least successful album. Some of the songs on this album include The Mule Session and Stan The Man.

Your Favorite Sandler Songs

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