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When you're looking for places to download music, it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the choices, from digital music formats to choosing between free and paid music download sites. While iTunes is recognized as the market leader, a 2013 Reuters report indicates that Amazon is gaining share. There are also many other options for finding music to download, especially when you are looking for certain types of tunes.

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Visiting the Music Downloads category at LoveToKnow Music is a great way to discover many of the best options for finding what you need. A few examples of what you can find here include:

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Downloading songs has become one of the most popular ways to get music. Whether you're looking for tunes to round out the music collection on your iPod or you are seeking a song to use for your cell phone's voice mail, the odds are good that you'll locate what you need right here. Use the resources here at LoveToKnow Music to find everything you need to know about getting the best music!

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